Why should you choose a video converter over a browser extension?

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Gadgets

Video conversion has become a necessity nowadays, with the internet being accessible to almost everyone and technology having evolved significantly. Uploading or downloading files is something each PC user has to do at some point, and the size of the files is a relevant element for the success of this operation. Large files such as videos may take a lot of time to upload and can even lead to errors, because they are not compatible with any device. This is why you may have to use a video converter, in order to reduce their file size. There are various alternative pieces of software that you can use in order to modify your video files, and some of the most popular are the browser extension and the online video converter. However, users have encountered different problems using browser extensions, because even if some of them are fast and efficient, there are also some faulty ones, which can harm the content you want to convert. For this reason, choosing a reputable online converter will help you obtain the perfect output files.

Browser extensions have become very popular lately, and for good reason, if you take into consideration that they allow users to personalize their browsing experience in so many ways. For instance, PC users can block nagging advertisements and they can even make some settings through which they change their location, so that visited websites cannot identify their exact address. Although they have a legit series of benefits, these applications have received various complaints from users all around the world, due to the errors encountered in the conversion process. Specialized reports have shown that there are also certain bugs in some of their systems, and this helped developers improve their products. In addition to this, most of the times, if you use a faulty browser extension, this can interfere with the online converter, which prevents the file conversion from happening. For this reason, the best thing to do is choose a trustworthy and efficient freeware video converter and adjust your files without any additional inconvenience. You may think that shrinking the file will cause it harm, but if you use a quality app, this will not happen. Besides reducing the dimension of the videos, some converters can also modify their format, so that they will be suitable for any playback device. It is well known that mobile browsing has gained a lot of ground lately, which is why responsive formats (not only for web sites, but also for files) are extremely important.


While using browser extensions can be beneficial for some purposes (such as blocking useless commercials or protecting your identity), if you want to change the size of your files, an online converter will be the best choice. You will be able to adjust your video dimension without altering the file’s quality and thus avoid uploading issues. This simple method allows you to change the size and format of the videos without installing any additional program. This way, the files will be compatible with any format or video sharing platform.