Why purchase unranked accounts for League of Legends?

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Computer Innovations

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena game that has made many passionate gamers go the extra mile in order to advance in the game and be on top positions or even make money from tournaments. Consequently, they end up spending a lot of money on riot points, rewards, skins and other items that may help them in their battles. Within the game, there are several divisions and environments, Elo hell being one of the most feared battlefields by all players, because many of them get stuck in Elo hell. However, as gamers have found ways to get rewards by referring friends and to buy skins from various platforms, they’ve also found a way to avoid Elo hell, by resorting to specialized websites that provide unranked accounts. A League of Legends account purchased from this type of platform guarantees that a player will no longer get stuck in a division he or she doesn’t belong to, enabling them to get back to their division, which is practically settled by players building up their champion pool.

It is very important for players to find a safe and reliable platform if they want to get an unranked League of Legends account, but fortunately there are so many people passionate about this game that there are also numerous and various websites, forums and platforms that provide useful information and advice with regard to all things having to do with this MOBA game. This also counts for people who play FIFA and need fifa coins in order to upgrade their teams or buy certain players to make their teams stronger. The number of online platforms providing fifa coins has significantly increased in the past years, but it is important to know that, as it was the case of platforms dedicated to League of Legends gamers, not all websites are trust-worthy. If you take your time to read all the info and do your research thoroughly, high chances are that you will find a safe and suitable platform to buy your unranked account from. One of the factors to take into account in your search is whether or not the platform offers fresh accounts, meaning accounts that have never been used, otherwise they can’t be unranked. Anther benefit of purchasing unranked accounts is that they help you progress into the ranked system without you having to play weeks on end, trying to reach the 30th level. This type of account, if purchased from the right place, saves you a lot of time and can really help your game


Most of the unranked accounts don’t come with any LoL champions, but these can be easily bought with influence points, which are generally included in a League of Legends account, or you can even obtain the free ones provided by the game and add them to your champion pool, which will take you one step closer to playing ranked games and reaching that division you’ve been dreaming of. The bottom line is that buying an unranked account can really help you get out of division you don’t want to be stuck in and advance through the game and also build your champions pool. Provided that you find a safe and trustworthy platform to buy the account from, you will get to enjoy plenty of benefits from such a purchase.