Which Are the Most Effective Features of a Whole House Dehumidifier

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Family

Before buying a whole house dehumidifier, we recommend you to make a research and find out which its most important characteristics are. Furthermore, you have to consider many aspects that can determine its efficiency, such as the dimensions that your house has, the level of moisture that exists in your home, and your budget, of course. Reading some customer dehumidifiers reviews can also help you form an opinion about the functions that such a device must integrate.

A high level of humidity can lead to many health problems, as it can cause dampness, mold can mildew which can provoke asthma and allergies. The germs that the dampness from your house releases in your indoor air can be inhaled very easily by your children, which can interfere with their normal development. Studies have shown that children who live in an area with polluted air have a lower level of intelligence than others who live in healthier conditions. So, you must provide a safe indoor environment for your family by purchasing a whole house dehumidifier.

  • Which are the aspects that you must consider before deciding on a certain model?

Based on the fact that a whole house dehumidifier has a big capacity of eliminating moisture, most of these units don’t have a quiet operation. Therefore, you must install it in a place where you won’t be bothered by the noise that it makes. Usually, the decibels that these devices feature range from 55 to 67, so you must pay attention to these details if you don’t want to deal with a loud device.

  • The main features of an effective whole house dehumidifier

A reliable product must give you the possibility to make any type of settings that you want. Furthermore, it must integrate an auto shutoff function that can help the it detect when the optimum level of humidity has been reached. This option gives the dehumidifier the capacity to stop from extracting moisture from the air at a certain point, which is essential if you don’t want to deal with a humidity level that is too low. That can also have some bad consequences as well, because your skin can become too dry, which facilitates the appearance of wrinkles, and you can also encounter respiratory problems. So, make sure that you maintain a humidity level that is between 35% and 45%.

  • Energy consume

Due to the new energy standards, you can save some money on the operating costs that a large dehumidifier features. However, there are some units that score better than others for energy efficiency, so make sure that you choose the most convenient one.