What to look for in a paper shredder

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Family

When working in a large-scale corporation, people have to deal all the time with important documents such as customer lists, sales receipts, credit card information, etc. The reason companies cannot afford to risk letting these documents fall into the hands of the competition is that they contain valuable information about the activity of the company. In order to protect customers and employees, the company usually disposes of this valuable material. Either they can send the papers over to a company that occupies itself with document destruction, or they can orient themselves towards purchasing a paper shredder. Following are some basic tips on how to choose a paper shredder for your employees to use safely.

Think about the size

Paper shredders fall into two main categories: personal shredders and those that are destined for commercial use. Obviously, the size of the machine depends on the volume of the material that enters it. The market is full of desktop models that have the same footprint as larger ones. The only difference is that the desktop model works at a slower pace, which means that you will be required to empty it more frequently. The models are sometimes so proficient that they even destroy disks and credit cards. On the other hand, commercial machines are designed to handle big loads of documents and they work more efficiently thanks to the high-power motor. A typical paper shredder measures up to 20 inches in height so as to be able to store more waste. The motor allows the machine to run for a longer period. If the offices are located in a small building, you should measure the space and see if there is enough room available.

The container

When deciding on a particular model you should see if the shredder has its own container. Although many of them come equipped with wastebaskets, not all of them do. Additionally, the bags fill up quite quickly, especially if you are handling heavy loads, so that you should look for a model that indicates when the bag is full. Otherwise, scraps produced by the machine can end up everywhere. Additional bags can be purchased from local manufacturers.

Level of security

If you want to make sure that the information on the documents remains confidential, then you have to choose a shredder that cuts the paper so fine that other can’t put the pieces back together. When shopping for paper shredder, you have to focus on this aspect rather than size and accessibility of price. There are three main types of shredders from which you can choose: strip-cut, cross-cut and micro-cut. The strip-cut was one of the first models on the market and it does not provide a high level of security, even if it is less expensive. Cross-cut shredders not only offer a higher level of security, but also the most popular among buyers. The piece of paper is cut into 300 small square pieces, which means that it is hard for someone to retrieve the information off the document. As the name suggests, micro-cut shredders make it impossible for anyone to try to put back the pieces. Thus, government agencies and large corporations mostly use them.