What to expect when renting a VIP limousine

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Uncategorized

Beside the VIP treatment and a chauffeur wearing a black suit, a white shirt, and a black tie, you can expect riding one of the most luxurious, comfortable and innovative car in the world. Made especially for high-class people, limousines are in general extraordinary creations. Manufacturers have to pay great attention to detail and ensure that everything from aesthetic appeal to performance and comfort are up a notch than the usual. Thinking about it, you only rent a limo a couple of times in your life, unless you are a proper VIP, on special occasions when you wish to make a grand entrance, so the expectations from this type of car are also great. This is why VIP limousines in Ottawa should always include a stretch Lincoln town car or a Lincoln Navigator manufactured by Ford. Following are some characteristics of luxurious limousines that will surely convince you to take a ride in a limo next time you go out to have fun.

A limousine is a saloon car or a luxury sedan that has a partition between the driver and passenger seats, a stretched or lengthened wheelbase. Generally liveried vehicles, limousines are driven by professional chauffeurs. Limousines are also owned by big companies, broadcasting agencies and governments and are used to transport executives, celebrities and politicians. This is precisely why limousines are associated with power and wealth. People rent VIP limousines in Ottawa to attend special events in a few moments in their life when they wish to pamper themselves, because they will be treated as royalty, not to mention that they will make an impressive entrance. Weddings, bachelor parties, birthday parties and proms are the most common reasons why people rent limousines in Ottawa.

Considering the fact that it is built to carry VIP’s, limousines have a soundproof partition that separate the driver’s seat form the rear compartment to ensure customers, politicians and celebrities have complete privacy. If you wish to transmit something to your chauffeur, you will need to use the intercom system. Most limo rental customers expect their limousines to have a folding roof section, an idea taken from movies. Whether this is a signature trait of a limo or the manufacturers try to meet customers’ demands is not certain, but almost all limousine models have a removable or folding top section. There are many types of limousines and not all of them are very long. However, they are all very spacious and comfortable, and offer things like audio players, bars, refrigerators and even televisions.

When thinking about renting a limousine, people generally picture a stretch limo. Stretch Limousines are designed to transport more than three passengers and are modified by coachbuilders. If you wish to rent a limousine and do not know what to expect, try to imagine being a celebrity, because this is exactly how you will be treated by your chauffeur and others. Livery vehicles are usually designed to offer a memorable driving experience to its passengers, so expect the finest leather seats and the ultimate car equipment. Anything and everything that can be put into a car is very likely to be into a limousines, including party lights, TV’s and stereo.