What should you expect from a LEV testing expert?

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Tech


As you are probably already aware, Lev systems are installed for safety purposes, protecting the workers from hazardous fumes and dusts. Because it is more than necessary to assure the safety of your employees permanently, the installation of a Lev system needs to be followed by regular inspections, tests and monitoring. Maintaining the system in an efficient state is not optional, but required by legal implementations, and this is why you should test the LEV at least once in 14 months. Finding a reputable company, such as www.levtesting.co.uk, to provide you with the testing services you require should be one of your concerns. What exactly should you expect from a LEV testing expert?

The highest standard of LEV testing

Before hiring a LEV engineer, you should research their reputation to be certain that you will benefit from a LEV testing at the highest standard. Although there are numerous companies that offer local exhaust ventilation system testing services, some are more reliable than others. Many companies are offering these services without being fully qualified, but you should avoid hiring an engineer that is not certified and qualified to British Occupational Hygiene Society. This detail needs your careful consideration, if you want to be certain that the LEV testing will be done at the highest standard.

Understanding your business needs

Before hiring an expert or another, you should arrange a meeting, where you can discuss all the details regarding the inspection and testing process. It is important for the specialist to be experienced, in order for them to comprehend the exact requirements of your business. The services offered by the specialist need to be tailored to suit each business’s needs, and this is why experience plays such an important role. The assessment of the control effectiveness needs to be handled with professionalism and attention. Because each business is different, make sure the company you opt for offers you exactly the services you require.

Report release

After the inspector has done their job properly, implemented certain airflow measurements and insured that the system is functioning correctly, a detailed report needs to be released, containing all the information regarding the inspection process. Carrying out a report according to the legal criteria is more than necessary, and you should inform yourself from the start if the certain specialist will take care of this detail as well.  An engineering report should include the evaluation of the performance and design of the equipment, and improvement recommendations as well.

As you can see, there are a few thing that need your attention when you are searching for a LEV testing company. With so many options to choose from, it can be rather difficult to come across a reliable specialist that can provide you with the top quality services you need. Because testing and monitoring your Local Exhaust Ventilation system is so important, make sure you work with a company that is fully authorized to offer you these services. Insure your employees of a safe work environment, and keep your LEV system under supervision permanently.