What is to know about gaskets?

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Gadgets

Gaskets are important pieces used in many industries in order to seal two pieces of a device and to fill any potential irregularities that might appear. They are usually made from various types of rubber, but you can find gaskets made from cork or other non-asbestos materials. You can find even more information about gaskets and the situations in which they should be used if you do some research online. Many websites, as it is the case of ontariogasket.com, provide useful details about everything you might want to know.

Why and when are gaskets useful?

One of the main reasons why gaskets are considered vital parts is that they seal the two pieces that are joined in order to prevent ingress of dust, liquids, or other harmful chemicals that might affect the well-functioning of a product. Their importance is usually overlooked until there is a problem. They are usually used for sealing against liquid leakage, preventing potential damage that might be caused by vibration or in mounting processes. For example, in the case of vibration, it is worth mentioning that gaskets disrupt frequencies caused by vibration and help reducing the amount of energy that is wasted because of vibration.

Types of gaskets

One of the most common material from which gaskets are made is rubber. However, you should know that there are various types of rubber, such as natural rubber, neoprene, viton, and nitrile and so on, and each of them is suited for a specific situation. For example, viton is more resistant towards chemicals, whereas nitrile is commonly used in industries that involve solvents, oils and fuels. Another material that is used in these industries is natural cork. This type of gasket offers high flexibility and better compression. Gaskets can be made from non-asbestos materials too, such as compressed fibre. They are suited for applications that involve water, steam, acid or oil.

Overall, you can do some quick research on the Internet if you want to understand better what gaskets are, in which situations they are used  or what types of gaskets are best suited in certain situations. You can even ask for some professional advice in order to be sure you make the right decision. Even though they are small pieces and they are not considered to be important in the beginning, they are vital parts in certain industries in order to assure flawless functioning of a device.