What is recycled copper used for?

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in House

Copper is one of first metals to ever be exploited by man and, although it has been employed since days of yore, its method of applications and industries vary considerably. Initially used to make tools and equipment, copper now plays an essential part, although we might not realise it. Considering the global interest in environmental protection, the current tendency is to exploit as little as possible and obtain this metal from recycled sources. Europe, for example, gets half of its copper supply by recycling, and other continents are trying to pick this up as well. By educating the general population and commercial institution on the benefits of copper recycling Toronto, Canada also wishes to reduce exploitation to a minimum and rely on recyclable sources. The product obtained has a variety of applications in numerous sectors.

Industrial applications

Copper is widely used in industrial sectors, from car manufacturing to power generation. It can be found in electric wires, cars and car components, as well as home appliances and heavy duty machines. This versatility comes from copper’s unique alloying properties. For example, when combined with nickel, it can be used on ship hulls, because it has maximum resistance to corrosion. Recycled copper is even used in the manufacturing of musical instruments thanks to its excellent acoustic properties. So, next time when you want to throw away a roll of copper wire, think that it could be reused and turned into a cymbal!

Home décor items

Copper is an excellent choice of material for home decorations, not only thanks to its beautiful and elegant colour, but also thanks to its durability. Recycled metal can be used on all sorts of items and home décor shops are filled with hundreds of beautiful options. From small, dainty candle holders and plates to large benches and lamps, copper can make a home look polished, modern and luxurious. What’s more, it’s also cheap, so you won’t have to spend a lot of money if you decide to invest in copper items. You can choose something with copper accents, such as a wall clock or vase, or you can go for an item that’s made completely out of this metal, such as a storage box, flower pot or hanging book shelf.

Works of art

Copper is a metal and commonly associated with industrial applications, so an association with art is not exactly obvious. However, many artists have used it to create unique sculptures and even wall art. Thanks to its unique colour and reflexes, it can create optical illusions and goes well with any interior design style. Copper sculptures are often edgy and modernistic, while copper wall art is multi-dimensional and through-provoking. What’s more, it is very durable, so you won’t have to worry about the colour fading off and losing its vibrancy.

Thanks to the latest enhancements in recycling technologies, copper can be transformed and reused, so that a broke car component will become a delicate flower vase in a minimal apartment. Whether you work in an industry that relies on copper or just have a few items in your household, consider recycling to protect the planet and reduce the exploitation of natural resources.