What innovative equipment did police adopt lately?

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Tech

Police always need the best equipment on the market to stop crimes from happening. In this situation, it is important to find innovative technologies and equipment. This is an extensive list of all the things that police involved in their daily activities in the past year. Continue reading this to get inspired about what to adopt in your own section or what to recommend your state to invest in. Here is the list:

Complex body armor

This is the biggest concern of police departments – the body armor. Policemen are often in situations that put their lives in danger, and a good armor is the only thing that sits between them and the enemy. Police departments decided that working with a UK reflective badge manufacturer could entirely change the way the body armors of cops look like, making them more visible and easier to recognize. Moreover, police departments started to invest into breathable membranes for the armors. This way, they are not uncomfortable to wear during the whole day. To increase protection, policemen should wear better retention holsters which are made out of pressure-molded fibers that made the armor lightweight. Comfort combined with efficiency is the recipe for success.  


Police departments were not previously equipped with medical technology that was this advanced. AEDs, which translate into Automated External Defibrillators, are devices that can save the life of a person by sending a therapeutic shock to one’s heart after automatically identifying what the patient’s heart rhythm is. This way, there is no need of medical knowledge other than basic CPR in order to save the life of a person who’s present at an accident. Having an AED in each patrol car can save thousands of lives. New AED devices are also able to store information regarding the actions it applied. Thus, medical operators and cardiologists will know what to do next, based on whatever was already done.

New bullets

Talking about the police, it’s essential to improve the things they need most in critical situations – bullets. These are rarely used, but when they are truly required, it’s important to invest in high-quality ones. Lighter bullets that are more resistant and faster are the ones that police departments aim for at the moment. An increased velocity and better materials lead to a greater safety. A better bullet design can also influence its efficiency. More bullets should fit a cartridge in the future, to reduce the need of changing it too often, thus wasting precious time.

Automated license plate recognition

Besides using better road safety reflective badges, police departments are now investing in ALPRs, which are software programs that can determine a car’s owner based on the license plates quicker. This could help reduce frauds on the roads and to catch thieves that steal cars. Even though it may seem that this is a small step, in reality, it matters tremendously. Safety on the streets, both for pedestrians and drivers, is the biggest priority of police.