Useful Gadgets to Have in Your Car

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Gadgets

Some people love their car more than they love their pets! They have a great pleasure to invest serious money in accessories for their car such as in-car microwave, backseat TVs, personal pocket locator, cup heaters, sticky dash pads, and radar detectors.

Sticky dash pads

These sticky dash pads are very useful to have them not only in your car but in your house too – in your bathroom, kitchen or lobby! They firmly secure your personal objects such as your phone, your memory stick or your audio player remote control. They are non-magnetic, temperature resistant and they work the best when they are clean. You can wash them how many times you want and you can find them at a bargain price, only $3 a piece!

Personal pocket locator/tracker

This device may look small but it’s very useful. It provides your current position and the distance to the destination. It gets synchronized by satellite, it has a built-in lithium-ion battery and many reviews said that although it takes several minutes to sync up, it’s still useful. It costs around $30 and it can be ordered on Amazon with free shipping included.

Cup heaters

If you spend a lot of time driving in your car you should consider buying this kind of device. It will keep your coffee warm for the whole day.

Backseat TV

You can install a backseat TV in your car using the Audiovox Sirius tuner. In order to be able to enjoy your backseat TV you’ll need a subscription, a TV tuner mounted in your car and a video display.

Radar detectors

If you have a passion for speed then a radar detector is always a useful device that you could keep it running every time you want to drive. In order to get the best deal you should check the best radar detector reviews site. In order to be considered the best radar detector reviews site, a website must feature detailed reviews that can help you compare various radar models.

In-car Microwave

This gadget will allow you to prepare hot meals right in your car. Do you want to reheat the cheeseburger a little bit? No problem! If you’re craving for some freshly made popcorn then you can pop it ride away. Be prepared to go to movies all the time. Get an in-car microwave and a backseat TV and your spacious limousine will be ready for endless parties.