Use ribbons to easily decorate your house

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Family

After purchasing your dream house, the most important thing is to transform it into a home. This means deciding upon the colour palette, buying furniture and placing it, but it also lays in the small details, such as decorative objects or plants. Decorating a house is not as simple as it seems, because it has to match not also the rest of the decor, but also be suitable to the personalities of those who live in it. Whether you must decorate a huge mansion, where you live with your family or a small flat where you live alone, the struggle is real. You have to decide upon some colours, forms and style, and make sure the house does not look too dull or too stuffed.

As far as decorations are concerned, the tendencies also change very fast, and of course you must keep up with them. Ribbon is one of the fabrics which have become very popular in the past years. It is very cost effective and practically it can be used to adorn any object or place of the house. For example, you can add some colour to your room by adding coloured ribbon on a traditional lamp – it will look amazing in the night, when it lights your room. Lamps may be the key element of a room, but it is very difficult to find in stores exactly what you want, so they might need some improvements to make them outstanding. Another way in which you can use this material, is to create ribbon trimmed vases (these could be also improvised from jars) where you can place different flowers, for an elegant and natural air of the room. One more statement item of your interior decor is the curtains. They bring in some mysterious shadows, change the light of the rooms, and can even darken it, if not chosen wisely. If the space is coloured and bright, a huge bow in a neutral colour will make it look a bit more elegant and serious, while if you have chosen the minimalist style for your indoors (black and white mainly), a bow in a strong colour will look amazing. What is more, you can even try to create the whole curtain from ribbon, by hanging them to the pipe curtain rod.


With all the varieties of colours, textures, dimensions and materials, ribbons can be the element which brings added value to your home. In addition to this, since many of the decorations are based on DIY ideas, you will be able to mark the space, put in some of your personality, and why not, pride yourself with the final result. There are many suppliers on the market which will happily deliver your raw material, so if you decide to add some colour to your life, you can find ribbons at You need few finances and a lot of creativity!