Types of Parenting

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Parents have a huge impact on their children’s lives. Many of them may not realize just how important and how great the influence they can exercise upon them is. There are four major types of parenting which have been first introduced by Dr. Diane Baumrind. These types of parenting consist of various types of responses towards a child’s behavior. Your child’s behavior is directly influenced by your behavior towards the child, by your type of response in answer to the child’s actions.

Thus, studying the central traits of your parenting style can help determine the way the child’s behavior is affected by yours. However a parent chooses to act, speak, to  interact with someone else or with the child largely impacts the development of the child, since the moment they are born. In her research, through naturalistic observation, parenting interviews and other methods used in this type of researches, psychologist Diana Baumrind has found that there are four main types of parenting:

  • Authoritative: parents who exercise this type of parenting are forgiving, attentive, teach their child what proper behavior means and they also enforce a set of rules, and if the child does not follow their rules, they are punished, and in case the child follows their rules they are rewarded. This is the most balanced type among the four types of parenting found by Dr. Diane Baumrind.
  • Authoritarian: this type of parent has high expectations from the child but does not communicate enough with the child. This parent sets rules and limits but does not explain why the child should not act that way; the parent does not offer any logical reasoning for the rules and limits imposed. These parents are also known to enforce harsh punishments.
  • Permissive: This is one of the types of parenting that is not highly recommended. The parents become more friends with their child rather than parents and do not have any expectations from them; they also allow the child to make their own decisions, which is not always the best way to teach your child a lesson.
  • Uninvolved: these parents neglect their child by putting themselves first instead of putting their child’s life first. They offer their child the basic needs but they do not interact enough with the child. They are uninvolved in their child’s life.

Dr. Diane Baumrind discovered that the most ideal and balanced of the types of parenting  is the  Authoritative style. This parenting style leads to an independent, mature and socially accountable child. At the opposite end is the Uninvolved style, which often leads to children turning into delinquents.

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