Types of Home Burglar Alarm Systems

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in House

Burglar alarms play a very important role in the protection of your home and setting up a security system should be the first thing on your mind considering the elevated level of crime. The alarm will notify you when an intruder attempts to invade your personal property, so you can take comfort in the thought of leaving your house unattended for a couple of days. However, there are many home burglar alarm systems from which you can choose. Taking into account the pool of options, it is almost impossible to choose. The role of this article is to guide you through the main types of security systems. You can rest assured that any one of the following alarms will protect you and your loved ones.

Monitoring alarms   

Alarm monitoring broadly refers to the fact that your home security system exchanges information with a monitoring center. Should the alarm get triggered, it will instantly notice the call center and get in touch with the police. This type of alarm system is particularly useful because it communicates with your monitoring center 24 hours a day throughout the year. In case of a break-in, you can rest assured that the authorities will respond rapidly. The noise triggered by the system is enough to let you know that something is going on. However, this home security system has its faults. To be more precise, the alarm is connected to the phone line and burglars can easily disconnect them.

Unmonitored security systems

As you search the Internet for home burglar alarms, you will inevitably come across unmonitored security systems, which are more convenient and more affordable. As the name suggests, unmonitored alarms are not overseen by professionals. The piece of equipment is monitored by you and it is important to mention that you can monitor the system with the help of your smartphone as well. Other than that, the security system is very much similar to monitored ones, which means that it includes a control panel and motion sensors. While you may find that this kind of system demands a lot of work, keep in mind that you will not be paying monitoring fees. What is more, the security system is so loud that all your neighbors will hear it. One of them is bound to call the police.

Wireless security kits

A product that promises a high level of security is the wireless security alarm. One of the main advantages of this type of burglar alarm is the fact that it is quite simple to install. The wireless setup implies battery-powered sensors that are affixed on the walls of your home, so you do not have to worry about cord-cutting issues. Basically, you can choose any setting you want. A wireless signal is transmitted to the base that will set the alarm. The only drawback is the fact that you will have to replace the batteries on a regular basis.

As long as you opt for one of the following home security systems, you are bound to be safe. Just remember to make your choice according to your needs.