Types of binary options offered by trade brokers          

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Binary options represent a very serious trading vehicle that allows you to have absolute control over the risk exposure. You have a lot of benefits when you choose to invest in this domain as opposed to others. Because trades are really fast you can benefit from your profit within hours or even minutes. Your profit can be up to 80% and it gives you the chance to invest the amount of money you want. Binary options provide fixed payouts and fixed deadlines for expiration. You have the option of increasing your outcome either by investing or by getting bonuses, like the 24Option Bonus, offered by the broker with the same name. Before placing your trade, you should know that you have plenty of options to choose from.

Forex and Currency Trading Options

Nowadays is a trend to trade two different currencies against each other. There are several reasons to choose this type of trade, because it can be the best option if you are looking to hedge any physical currency purchases you want to make, or if this is your daily strategy to make profit. In addition, it can be useful if you want to buy a property overseas or you want to purchase currency for an upcoming business trip or holiday abroad. You can pair any type of currencies in your trade, such as US dollars and Canadian Dollars. Also, you can opt for pairing Bit coins with US Dollars.

Individual Stocks Binary Options  

If you are not new in this domain, you can take a risk and trade different shares and stocks, without having to buy them. The stocks that are most traded right now on the market are the ones from Microsoft, Vodaphone or Toyota Motors. If you are interested in trading stocks from Social Media, you can try to do this with the ones from Facebook or Twitter. Many traders are interested in banking shares, because lately Banking Industry became a very volatile sector.

Indices Binary Options

These are the most traded Binary Options, because you have the option of predicting if in the future Stock exchanges will have a higher or lower value, than at the moment you place the trade. You can place trades on every Stock Indices you can find, some of the most traded being NASDAQ, CAC 4, DAX or Dow Jones. The advantage of this type of trading is that you will not have to buy shares and stocks in the companies that provide the Indices.

Commodity Binary Options

This type of Binary Option is very popular because it gives you the opportunity of trading on the value of fix commodities. The advantage of trading with fix commodities as Silver or Gold is that you can make profit without having to buy them. People usually trade on Silver, Gold, Oil or Copper. Because they are such expensive commodities, and is allowed to trade on them without having to purchase any item, Binary Options are becoming more popular than ever. Binary Options brokers offer you all these types of trades, you only have to decide which one of them to choose.