Tips to setting up a Minecraft server

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Computer Innovations

It’s funny how innovation today seems to refer to some of the most trivial aspects in life, such as mobile apps for jogging or vide games and console games. But this is the world we live in and most people are crazy about this stuff, especially games. Minecraft is a great example of a video game that has quickly become hugely popular and that is now being played on all sorts of devices, from PCs and laptops to Xbox and PlayStation. The game has both single player and multiplayer versions, but the multiplayer mode is much more fun and exciting, although it requires a server host for all players to connect to. If you want to enjoy a wider range of activities within the gameplay, then multiplayer version is definitely the right choice and if you also want to enjoy a streamlined experience, then it would be wise to resort to a Minecraft server hosting service that provides you with a high server performance.

Setting up a Minecraft server requires a little bit of time and both computer and networking knowledge, which is why many players choose to rent a server instead of configuring one themselves. This is a great tip, especially if you are planning to accommodate a large number of players or to set up a game room. A quick and simple Internet search will help you find suitable Minecraft server hosting providers or you can look for recommendations and reviews on the hosting section of Minecraft forums. Another useful tip for setting a server, especially if you want to configure it yourself, it’s to change the available RAM on startup, as to allow the game as much space as it needs. All you have to do is change the “1G” in the .command file or in the batch to “2G” or a larger number. If your computer runs on Windows, you can still use the .jar version of Minecraft, but you will have to create a batch file in the same folder where you saved the .jar file and save it with a .bat extension. This is the Windows equivalent of a Mac .command file.


Another tip that might help you with your Minecraft server setup is using a virtual private network for games that only have a small number of players. The thing with VPN is that it requires all players to install software on their devices, but since you are planning on accommodating a small number of players, most likely your friends, that shouldn’t be a problem. The bottom line is that whether you use your desktop computer as a server or you want to set up a dedicated server, what’s important is to have the right hosting so that the server can run fast and safely and you will be able to find great Minecraft server hosting online, even at highly affordable prices, but you need to carefully research the market.