Tips to Install Skype Offline

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Skype is one of the most well known chatting software. It allows users from all over the world to text, chat, make video calls and even share files with each other, free of charge. This software was originally created for the computer but now it is also available on mobile phones. Whats sets this software apart from similar programs is the fact that it has a superior voice and video quality and the connection is also highly secure. Skype offline, also known as the Standalone Installer is another version of this program which is easier to instal. If you are unfamiliar with this process, check out the following lines in order to learn how to install Skype offline.

What’s the difference between the original Skype version and the Standalone Installer?

Those of you who have used Skype before are probably familiar with the installation program which is very simple. You go on the official Skype website and you click the download button. When doing this, you automatically receive the online version which is more problematic. After downloading the online version, when you click the install icon on your computer, the program starts downloading again instead of proceeding to the installation process. Well, this is a problem that you will never encounter if you install Skype offline.

How to install Skype offline

Downloading Skype Standalone installer is quite easy and it can be with the help of the official website. In fact, the offline Skype installer is merely the newest version of a Skype installer. Once you download it, you locate the setup icon, click it and the installation process will take care of the rest. When the installation is 100% complete, you can start chatting with whomever you know who has a Skype account.

Advantages of using Skype Standalone Installer

The Skype offline downloading version has the same benefits as the online version. You can make video or audio calls all over the world for free, as long as the people whom you are chatting with are also using Skype. You can also call people who are not using Skype and pay very small fees. The software also allows you to connect to various social networks, send instant messages, forward calls to your phone and use the voice mail options. As you can see, if you install Skype offline, you will get all the benefits that this software has to offer without having to deal with the annoying installation process of the online version.

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