The relevance of implementing Cisco call accounting software

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Apps

In the age of technology and constant innovation, the name of Cisco is synonym with excellence and a continuous aspiration to achieve greatness in terms of system development and technological breakthroughs. One of the well-known and highly appreciated Cisco solutions available on the market today  is the CDR reporting software, a proficient tool used by modern day companies in order to ease the movement of correct experienced towards the suitable endpoint through a specialized call control platform. The core functions of CDR or Call Detail Records software include obtaining the diagnosis of the information in the system and storing important call history elements. In comparison to the other type of product offered by the Cisco group, which is called CMR, the Call Detail Records solution is able to provide accurate storage of data and call records and preserve all of the details gathered by the Cisco call manager processing that information. Indeed, the CDR is a highly versatile and extremely useful tool to have in the modern day corporate environment, but what can its functions bring forth in addition to the above? And why is the Cisco call accounting software such a definitively demanded or sought after functionality in the present? Stick with us and you will find out everything in just a matter of minutes!

There is no denying as to the relevance of adopting and implementing Cisco software and their incredible solutions overall, but there are many company managers and business entrepreneurs who are still not familiar with the numerous benefits brought by the call accounting systems produced by this worldwide recognized brand. Call Accounting is responsible for the configuration and outline of rate tables linked to every CCM or UCM Cluster. It makes it incredibly easy for the company’s members to determine the general and full costs of the domestic or local as well as the international calls derived from the company. This enables the firm management or department representatives to identify and quantify savings. Apart from the fact that the software enables a higher ease of calculating costs for call, it also provides a high personalization of the rate tables towards the gateway or final device of destination. On-net calls and toll by-pass ones can also have a clearer identification of the cost reductions or savings with the help of this amazing technology.


To see the full list of advantages and better understand the relevance held by these incredible technology options, read through the extensive pages of information published by one of the best websites in the field, such as All in all, there is an immense relevance or significance to resort to this sort of option at any company. The main features of this software include but do not stop at its large functionality, versatility and incredible results which occur each and every time, regardless if your firm is the owner of 100 phones or as much as 10.000 ones! Reduce the costs you endure and increase the productivity of your establishment with this incredible Cisco solution.