The most popular stucco finishing styles

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Family

In the past years, stucco has become the incontestable rising star of home finishes, not only because it is a high quality plaster, but also because it also allows homeowners to achieve various looks without investing a lot of money. Stucco contractors in Ottawa are very sought after and working with one will definitely reveal countless possibilities in terms of home refinishing. However, before starting work, it’s a good idea to do some research and see which the most popular styles and textures are. Fortunately, stucco is a versatile solution and you can never run out of ideas.

The minimal look

First of all, going for the modern minimal look seems to be one of the biggest trends these days and if you want to implement this style for your home, you can count on stucco contractors. This style is compatible with most buildings, although it might not always work with old, historical buildings. To get the modern look, you should choose neutral colors such as grey, beige or white, but you still want a pop of color you can go with pastels such as light green or light blue. The biggest benefit of this style is that it will make the other house elements pop. For example, if you have a large roof or interesting window frames, they will be easier to notice if the rest of walls are neutral-colored.


The colonial look

Secondly, if you’re not interested in the modern trend and you would rather apply the colonial look, then red should be the color of choice. The beauty of this color is that it attracts light, so if your house is on the sunny side of the street, the effects will definitely be noticed. So why not just paint the door red, without using stucco? The problem with red paint is that it tends to crack quite easily and the house exterior can end up looking old and battered, especially if you live in an area with harsh weather. By combining this color with stucco, the exterior gets more resistance and you will be able to enjoy the new look for longer.


Pastel colors

If you’ve ever been to the Italian countryside, you’ve probably admired the look of geraniums against peachy walls. You can also get this look if you talk with your stucco contractor. Stucco can be mixed with peach-colored paint and pebbles to get a lovely watercolor look.


There are many other creative color and pattern combinations, but that doesn’t mean that stucco isn’t suitable for neutral styles. On the contrary, if you want to sell your house and you fear that something too bold will scare away potential buyers, you can redo your home exterior with stucco, in a neutral color scheme. To find out what works best for you and get professional application tips, work with a reliable stucco contractor on Ottawa. This type of siding is not the best for DIY projects, so it’s better if you resort to the services of an experienced contractor.