The Many Uses of Infrared Technology

Written by Ross Clarkson on . Posted in Tech

Infrared technology is increasingly present in various domains because it holds a great potential in easing people’s lives through various devices based on it. Back in the days, infrared technology was used in remote control of TVs and VCRs, but nowadays it’s starting to gain popularity in more important fields like medicine or surveillance systems. Discover the many uses of infrared technology and see for yourself how efficient this technology can be.

Heating systems

One domain where the infrared technology is used is in manufacturing infrared heaters, which are efficient heaters that emit infrared light. This type of heaters is used for home heating because it radiates infrared heat that is absorbed by the bodies and objects in the room, meaning people and furniture. This means that when you enter a room heated with an infrared heater, you will immediately absorb the heat emitted and you will sit on warm chairs. This innovative technology helps create the most energy-efficient heaters that create lasting and beneficial heat that doesn’t dry the air or pose a risk to the health.


Saunas also use the infrared technology and here we refer to those that use carbon fiber infrared heaters that emit infrared waves. These are more efficient and more comfortable than traditional steam saunas because you can adjust the exact level of heat created by the heaters so you can control the temperature created inside the sauna. One advantage of infrared saunas is that the carbon infrared heaters are spread inside the sauna for extended coverage and maximized benefits. The infrared sauna doesn’t affect your health in any way, on the contrary, it improves the functioning of your organs and helps you relax. Moreover, these saunas are surprisingly affordable. Check out if you want to learn more about the features of infrared saunas.


Infrared technology is becoming more and more used in medicine where it can help doctors detect and cure various severe conditions. It’s useful in identifying blood vessels in laparoscopic surgery, which avoids surgeons cutting vessels by accident, it can detect and blast cancer cells, and it can detect septicemia and help fight it. Near infrared technology is being used to diagnose brain trauma through an infra-scanner hematoma detector and it can reduce hospital-acquired infections.

Security cameras

Some security cameras include a night vision feature, which is possible with the help of an infrared sensor that detects the heat emitted by bodies. The cameras are equipped with an IR lens that displays a thermal image in the dark so that the camera will be efficient during the night as it is during the day. An even more innovative technology is called Smart IR, which adjusts the intensity of the infrared LED to compensate for the distance. This avoids face whitening of regular IR LED cameras and delivers a clear image of the person caught on tape.