The many uses of camera drones

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Apps

The UAV technology was first developed for military purposes, but it became available for commercial services for several years now. At first the Federal Aviation Administration made it illegal for companies or individuals to hire UAV services, but recently that ban was lifted and many companies, in a variety of fields and industries began resorting to such services. The truth is that unmanned aerial vehicles or drones, as they are also called, have numerous and diverse applications and they are now available in many parts of the world, from the US to Australia. In fact, if you were to be searching for drones Australia, you would be surprise to find that there are multiple providers ready for hire, offering a range of services. This innovation has opened up a whole new series of possibilities, especially in photography and video production, a field that promises great features with the help of camera drones.

So far, these have been mainly used for TV commercial and advertising spots, greatly facilitating the shooting of short videos and films, offering sweeping views and shots from the sky. However, camera drones don’t limit their usage to commercial spots and they can also be largely used for feature films, short films and TV intros. These invaluable tools also have the benefit of reducing shooting costs, as producers and directors can achieve stable and beautiful sky views without using expensive and heavy gear, such as spider cam rigs, dollies and cranes and other such stuff. Photographers also admitted to having their field completely revolutionized by the possibility of aerial photography and the use of camera drones in Australia, in the United States or across Europe. Framing has become a lot easier and quicker, as has setting up a shot and getting compositions with an increased level of control. The drones can be used not only for entertainment filming or artistic photography, but also for real estate aerial video and photography, which helps real estate agents and companies put together better presentations for their clients, offering them more exhaustive views of a certain property, as well as a more interactive and eye catching presentation.


Camera drones can also be sued for corporate videos or for documentaries, especially if they are about a certain region and the video has to show a big landscape. Aerial shots of a particular region or landscape can significantly improve the quality and relevance of the documentary. UAV cinematography has also been used for events, particularly for weddings. There are many media companies that offer camera drones in Australia, but not only, for wedding videos and photographs, which really makes them unique. An aerial shot of the ceremony or of the dance floor while the new couple enjoys their first dance will definitely have a greater impact and represent a cherished memory. All things considered, camera drones have become invaluable tools in the world of photography and cinematography today, representing one of the biggest and most exciting novelty in this age of innovation.