The House of the Future

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in House

One of the best things about sci-fi movies is that you get to see concepts of how the world could look like in a near or distant future. We all love it when we see an automated kitchen that cooks and cleans for you, a bed that makes itself, or voice controls that allow you to do various things around the house without touching a single object. The idea of a house of the future lingers in all of us, and the whole concept behind it is that all those features would make our lives easier and save a lot of time. The truth is we could have a house of the future nowadays as well, but the costs would simply be too big.

One great example of a home of the future is billionaire Bill Gates’ house, which is supposed to be completely automated; rumors say he can control his entire house with the mobile phone, from switching lights to setting temperatures, starting the shower, controlling all the gadgets available such as television set, computers, and even appliances. I bet even the blinds on the windows are automated. In fact, it was precisely Microsoft collaborator Samsung which a few years ago presented a concept for a house of the future where everything could be controlled by mobile phone. You even had access to your own health control station in the bathroom, which checked on your vitals and recommended solutions to health deficiencies or problems.

As for having a house of the future today, like we said, it would probably cost very, very much. One of the first aspects you would need to look into is creating the perfect climate and environment. This is done by installing air purifiers in the vents and humidity regulators, and making sure you have a water filter system for extra clean water. This aspect is even more important if you have any water installations inside the house. Next, you would have to control the lights, and while it may still not be possible to do so from your mobile phone, you can invest in special systems that allow you control though remote control, or by clapping your hands.

Automation systems can be created for any gadgets in the house, but to have them customized would be costly. Instead, you could be content with some new smart appliances, like the refrigerator that tells time, weather, and even lets you know when more groceries are needed. Lots of appliances today come with software that allows them to communicate to your mobile phone, so you can check on them while you’re away. Building the house of the future is not that far away, but you would need a very smart and able gadget designer and lots of money to invest.