The evolution of graphics in anime movies

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Computer Innovations

There are many people these days who enjoy watching anime movies and appreciate them for what they are: pieces of art. It is very interesting though to see how they have evolved over time. Everyone knows that at first they were very popular among Japanese people, but eventually they caught on with the rest of the world and now, anime is one of the most popular genres out there. Those who are fans of this style will notice right from the start the main differences between older shows such as Sailor Moon and Inuyasha and very modern ones such as Attack on Titan. Of course, new anime shows have maintained a certain style, such as characters with large, round eyes and colorful lines.

Those who watch older versions of anime movies will immediately notice the difference in graphics. First of all they were designed in 2D and the special effects were considerably simpler. It is amazing the special effects seen in new anime shows these days. There are even 3D versions of certain anime movies that delight their audience with incredible action and effects. The cartoons themselves are much better realized. It is not about the talent of the artist, but about the evolution of technology in general. Each artist that draws an anime movie leaves a mark, but how those drawings are brought to life is very important as well. There are many renowned artists out there who draw famous anime movies and connoisseurs are able to detect the style of each artist when they watch a new movie.


The reason why so many people appreciate this style is because they understand how these shows are made and appreciate the work that they imply. Aside from the talent every artist needs in order to create an entire anime movie, he will need to have an original idea, something to capture the audience and allow them to enjoy each minute watching that movie. The special effects in today’s anime movies are very real and complex, which is why they attract more and more fans as time goes by. These days there are fans of anime movies all over the world and millions of people await new episodes to appear. The great thing about this genre is that it constantly evolves and each artist leaves a mark on their show, allowing the viewer to enjoy something new every day.


Those who are passionate about this style know that new anime shows are quite easy to find online and those who have never watched an anime movie before should definitely give it a chance. Even though those who watch anime movies for the first time might see them as very similar looking, the traits of each character are designed to emphasize various demographics. Everyone can find something interesting to watch because there is a very large diversity. Whether they prefer action, drama or comedy, you will definitely have plenty of options to choose from, especially if you visit a dedicated website.