The answer to all your questions regarding CherryTrade

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Apps

Changes and novelties are a common sight in our modern day world which is precisely why keeping track of all these innovations can become a tricky and difficult task. In the field of binary options trading, the number of brokers appearing on the market all the time is larger and larger and the amount of questions that are raised regarding their reliability, functions and services seem to be increasing as well in an equally high rate. Therefore, here are some of the main aspects one needs to know about a recently launched broker which has already made a lot of waves in the industry: CherryTrade. The question the CherryTrade scam is myth or reality has lurked on all our minds, but we are about to unveil the answer today for all of you who might be interested in developing a career or earning income using this broker.

First of all, CherryTrade is a fairly new addition in this field being one of the few recent brokers to gain such a high level of popularity and become so appreciated in a small period of time. This being said, it was only natural that controversies related to its trustworthiness would begin to appear but you should rest assured because CherryTrade is in fact as reliable as it is efficient. The Gibraltar based broker is available in two languages, English and Arabic, and it comes with full time support via email and live chat, as well as a free of charge dedicated phone line which is always helpful. The transparency of the company and the professional approach towards trading is visible in many aspects of the way CherryTrade operates. To give just one example, the prices shown on the platform are derived directly from Reuters, thus putting an end to any speculation of price manoeuvring.


And although it has not been on the binary options market for long, the broker delivers services which can rival any of the major brands or leaders of the industry. In fact, the professional features and functions of the platform are exactly what has made people question its safety. Following the principle “it’s too good to be true”, many have disregarded CherryTrade from the get-go but the truth of the matter is that there are few other solutions on the market nowadays which can be so easy to use and attractive for beginner traders as this one is.


What makes it so popular especially amongst the newcomer segment of the trading world is the fact that the minimum deposit size and minimum trade account are both extremely low, allowing ample space for manoeuvre without serious investments on behalf of the users. The trading platform used here is the well-known SpotOption, which stands out as a result of the speed and excellent user interface. The fact that CherryTrade has no demo account does not seem to discourage traders, especially since the initial deposit amounts are low enough for anyone to afford them. All in all, there is no reason to consider that this broker is nothing else but perfect and a breath of fresh air to the industry.