The advantages of using a prepaid Visa Bitcoin card

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Internet


Cryptocurrency is not a new trend, but rather a technology that has existed long before Bitcoin. The idea of putting money onto smartcards was first introduced in the 1980s. Yet, cryptocurrency did not enjoy success prior to the decentralization of the Bitcoin in 2009. The benefits of using virtual assets are virtually endless. Not only can you avoid transaction fees, but also not risk losing whatever you have. The latest innovation in cryptocurrency is represented, however, by prepaid Visa Bitcoin cards. Prepaid cards are provided by companies like VVC Bitcoin to help customers with their everyday spending. Undoubtedly, having one is advantageous and here is why.

Quicker access to money

A debit or a credit Bitcoin card makes it easier to access your capital. To put it simply, you have immediate access to the results of your work via your online account, phone and mobile apps. There is nothing simpler than to get your digital assets into your account and use the credit/debit card at any existing facility. You can use the digital currency for everyday purchases and you needn’t wait for the online store to accept it. What is important to keep in mind is the fact that the combination digital currency with a Visa card is a strong option.

Protection of funds

You can rest assured that the currency stored on your card are completely safe. One of the advantages of having a prepaid Visa Bitcoin card is that you do not have to worry about your digital currency. The Visa card is embedded with quality technology, so you enjoy a high level of security. Basically, it is impossible for someone to transfer cash without your approval.  The fact is that security is a priority for providers, which is the reason why transactions such as withdrawals are realized according to the strict security standards. What is more, with these types of transactions there is no need to know everything.

Similar, yet better than traditional cards

Although a Visa Bitcoin card is similar in function to a traditional bank card, it is highly distinct. One major difference is represented by the fact that you can convert Bitcoin into your preferred currency in a matter of seconds. Another difference lies in format. You can either get a plastic card or a virtual card. Once you have paid your provider, you can start using your card in any country that accepts Visa. Equally important is mentioning that the rewards differ as well. While some cards compensate you for making financial transactions, others make discounts for every purchase that you make.

The bottom line is that if you want to open up to a world of opportunities you should get a prepaid Visa Bitcoin card. Such a card is the only solution to spending your virtual currency and it is pity not to take advantage of it. With your card, you are able to send and receive digital currency in an instant and get points or something substantial for the purchases you make.