T-shirt screen printing: the pros and cons of this process

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Family

Customized t-shirts are highly popular these days, more than one would have thought. These are used for a variety of different purposes. For instance, some companies might want to use these products as marketing items, meant to spread the word about their company. Others might just be interested in making a unique gift to a close friend. In all cases, interested clients end up in the same place. They all start a collaboration with a custom screen printing Toronto company. Screen printing is certainly a process that has raised quite a few talks, here and there. Some are firm believers that other methods might be more appropriate, while others are completely taken by screen printing, seeing only the good side of this process. Maybe it is high time to see the complete picture, meaning the pros and cons of screen printing.

The good parts about t-shirt screen printing


The first aspect worth mentioning would be time. Over the last few years, screen printing has been the number one option for all clients interested in making their own customized t-shirts. As a provider, you would indeed be wise to take up on this process as your field of activity. Given its level of popularity, you should be able to find affordable pieces of equipment you could later on use to make profit. For the customer on the other hand, you should know that this process is long lasting in terms of results. Apparently, this process has been extensively used for marketing and branding purposes, which is really why all clients should definitely consider screen printing in cases of this kind. Everybody needs publicity from time to time.


The cons of this t-shirt print process


All good and well with this process up until you decide you want to have a customized, complicated designs printed on a t-shirt. This is where you might encounter certain problems, apparently, screen printing is not particularly recommended in detailed and colourful designs for the simple fact that the number of colors permitted is rather limited. Also, it is not advisable to use this process if you should desire to have photos of yourself or others printed on the t-shirt. The results won’t be the expected ones, as the picture will look rather fuzzy and unclear.


As always, there is no perfect method. Anything you might end up choosing will have both pros and cons. The idea is to find a method for each purpose you might be aiming at and a company that has several of them under one roof. This way, you could be working with the same team you trust and rely upon whether you want screen printing or image transfer. Discover the world of customized t-shirts, as it is quite diverse. You will soon convince yourself that it has various methods through which personalizing clothing pieces and accessories is possible. Find that dedicated provider one that has set out to please its customers by offering them truly professional services. By doing so, you will certainly enjoy only the good parts of the popular T-shirt screen printing method.