STRD LLC Is Innovating the E-Commerce Industry

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Business

The E-Commerce industry is guided by constant evolution, especially when it comes to storing and delivering products to clients. The relationship between customers and retailers is strongly depending on efficiency and quality. STRD LLC takes the warehousing experience to a different level, by offering distributed warehousing services that are spread throughout multiple locations, to ensure the products are reaching the customers in the most efficient way.

They have hundreds of warehouses to make sure customers will receive their products fast and undamaged to their doorstep. When an order is received, it is immediately sent to the closest distributed center, to be processed and sent to the delivery address as quick as possible. The products are handled with care and stored in an organized facility, where the warehouse owners take care of everything involving the delivery process. The inventory is computerized and their AI system is especially designed to direct and organize the process. By using AI and Big Data, STRD LLC is ensuring that the process is smooth and efficient. On top of that the system identifies low inventory and suggests, based on past sales, the quantity that needs to be reordered for each product. Overstocking is not going to be a problem anymore, saving you both time and money to focus on the other important aspects of your business.

On their website,, you can find out more details about the benefits of their Shared Inventory Stock model, set to break the barriers of product delivery. By choosing this model, you can make sure that the products are reaching the customers in less than 24 hours, regardless of their location. If you are worrying about the quality of the products, you should know that only brand-new products are accepted for this system and the warehouse owners are providing you with pictures so you can handpick the substitute product yourself. Elaborated AI algorithms are used to make sure you and other customers involved in the shared inventory model are always covered. If you are selling goods that are accepted to the shared inventory stock, all you need to do is provide information about the customer’s location and the AI system checks to see which warehouse is the closest. The product is hand-packed and delivered to the customer, lowering shipping costs and delivery times.

STRD LLC explains how it works in just a few steps. After you specify the inventory you want to process, AI analyzes the purchasing power of all regions and choses the best distributed warehouse for delivery. The inventory is shipped to the warehouse, where the products are processed and documented. Once again, AI comes in handy and picks the best shipping method for that particular order and the item reaches you customer without wasting any moment.

Have any special request in mind? That’s not a problem, as you will be able to meet the warehouse owner and share any additional information that you might have about a certain order. This type of personal approach is what helps STRD LLC prove commitment for the customers’ needs in every situation.