Skin beauty innovation – Radiesse

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Family

With the advent of technology, innovation has affected every industry sector including the medical and beauty industries given people the opportunity to use improved, safer and more efficient skin care products. The appearance on the market of the Radiesse dermal filler has announced yet another breakthrough in the medical world, as this product boasts longer lasting results compared to similar skin beauty products. Radiesse is an exceptional injectable implant that contains an innovative active solution, synthetic calcium hydroxylapatite with a particle range of 25 – 45 microns. The dermal filler is used with a great variety of aesthetic purposes, but is mainly recommended for reconstructive surgery. Perfect for dermal and sub-dermal augmentation and restoration of soft tissue, the filler can be utilized for removing deep wrinkles or superficial skin imperfections, depending on the needs of the patient. The popularity of this innovative dermal filler has skyrocketed in the past few years after its results have been proved over and over again by satisfied patients with incredible and long-lasting results. Radiesse can be found on, an official distributor, by medical personnel wishing to offer their patients the best anti-aging treatment available on the market.

Correcting wrinkles and instantly adding volume to the facial features of a patient is not the only thing Radiesse is renowned for. The calcium based filler is ideal for collagen formation allowing the facial skin to repair itself. This is also the reason why this dermal filler is longer lasting allowing patients make an injection only once a year compared to other similar products that last from three to six months. Another reason why this skin beauty treatment is so popular nowadays is the fact that it has the ability to smooth and even sculpt the face of the patients. The volumizing effect is also ideal for people suffering from lipoatrophy that have lost fat from their face and need to fill that space to return to their old self. The main reason people have started to use Radiesse is its smoothing effect that allows them look younger than ever. While other dermal fillers manage to deal with superficial wrinkles with success, the calcium based active substance in Radiesse manages to smooth out severe facial lines and correct pre-jowls.


What is innovative about this cosmetic treatment is not only the instant effects that will last even over a year, but also its ability to increase collagen growth and further improve facial features long after the active substance has been absorbed. The aesthetic improvement can last up to two years, because collagen plays an important role in augmenting facial structure. Radiesse contains safe ingredients without requiring a prior allergy test. Licensed medical practitioners can purchase this incredible substance for their patients online from specialized online platforms like the one mentioned above. The accessibility of the Radiesse dermal filler is a consequence of its high popularity on the market. We live in the innovations era, so we should take advantage of this fact and learn more about how we can improve our comfort, health and beauty.