Samsung DA-F61 Bluetooth Speaker

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Portable Bluetooth speakers are extremely sought after, their sales reaching all-time levels. Now, a new device has also joined the trend – Samsung DA-F61 Bluetooth Speaker, offering a superior build with perfect sound quality. Even though, on paper this bluetooth speaker from Samsung seems to be a simple product, Samsung ensured that all its features are up to date with the latest technology.

Modern technology is advancing very fast and new products are being released each day. As so, it can be very difficult to keep in touch with the latest gadget and app releases. In order to be informed about the latest gadget releases, it is important to subscribe to a tech news blog or website. Our favorite one is where you can find plenty of information about Bluetooth speakers and many other interesting gadgets.  The specifications of the brand new Samsung DA-F61 Bluetooth Speaker are: Bluetooth 3.0 with apt-X CSR, Bass Boost, 3.5mm minijack input, Near Field Communication support (NFC), Neodymium speaker drivers and passive subwoofer. These specifications make it one of the most wanted type of bluetooth speakers to be released in 2013. Now let us detail what is “under the hood”:

Firstly, its Bluetooth 3.0 represents the newest transition of the wireless technology. This latest wi-fi technology is supported by apt-X CSR to offer sound quality an extra boost over the regular A2DP system. It also has SoundShare, a great feature that lets you emit sound from a compatible Samsung TV to the DA-F61. Therefore, you can place the speaker next to you and listen to TV shows or whatever you want on the TV, without everyone else being forced to hear the sound coming from the TV speakers. Another wonderful specification is the Near Field Communication, or NFC, which make the process of pairing a Bluetooth device with the Samsung DA-F61 Bluetooth Speaker a simpler process. Hold a compatible device up to the NFC logo on the left hand side of the bluetooth device and the speaker turns on finds and connects the devices automatically. To use NFC, you will need an Android device that runs on Android 4.0 or later – if you do not own a device that works on the types of Android mentioned before you will need to download the NFC application.

On the back it has a leg that flips out and permits it to be placed in upright position. In the middle is a cluster of sockets, including a 3.5mm minijack input, a USB port, and a port for the DC power adapter. The last mentioned lets you connect to the mains and charge the built-in lithium-ion battery. If you want to charge it while the stand is flipped out, it can be fed by using the gap in the middle. The Pros of the Samsung DA-F61 Bluetooth Speaker are: the length of the battery life, the incredible design and construction, the surprising loud and refined sound that it offers.

We think that the launch of the Samsung DA-F61 Bluetooth Speaker marks a new era in the industry of music equipments. We were very satisfied with this product’s features and we think that it can significantly improve the life of a music lover.

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