Rotary broaching – innovative, accurate and efficient

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Gadgets

The rotary broaching technology has started to gain ground against other types of broaching, including linear broaching, because of the advantages it provides. While a linear broach is run against the workpiece linearly, a rotary broach is rotated and pressed into the surface of the workpiece, which means that it cuts an axis symmetric shape. Rotary broaching is revolutionary not only because it cuts with extraordinary precision, but also because it performs the cut in one pass, making it very efficient and useful for production runs. When precision machining is required, specialists recommend using rotary broaching. The tool is especially efficient in creating odd shapes. What is more, the entire process is automated and with the feed being built into the equipment anyone can operate the machine. If you require efficient machining for high quantity production runs, you should visit the following link and acquire a state of the art rotary broach.


Types of surfaces you can machine


Whether we talk about flat surfaces or a curved surface, rotary broaches ca perform their duty perfectly. Rotary broaching is used when precision is a must irrespective of the type of surface that requires shaping. Odd shapes are difficult to achieve with other types of broaching, so workpieces that follow a peculiar pattern are generally tackled by rotary broaching machines. These machines can create circular and non-circular holes, keyways and splines with extreme ease, not to mention forgings, screws and stampings of all sizes. Broaching was developed to help achieve complex internal keyways, but its applications were extended tremendously and now this machining process is used on any surface with various purposes. It is important to know that a broaching machine is designed to cut a single shape. Therefore, the machine is extremely popular for high volume work pieces, but rarely used in other applications, because it is not viable to invest so much money into a machine that cannot adapt, when you require versatility.


The advantages of rotary broaching


Rotary broaching is revolutionary because it can create irregular holes and it does not require a broaching machine. You can use this technology with lathes, screw machines and milling equipment. In other words, you can save money by purchasing a tool holder and a broach without the machine and use the equipment you already have at hand to create the work pieces you need. The principle behind rotary or wobble broach is simple. The axis of rotation of the tool and the axis of the workpiece are slightly different which makes the rotating edge of the machine to cut into the work piece and shape it according to your needs. This type of broaching is therefore highly efficient, cost effective and precise. Whether we talk about internal or external broaching, the rotary broaching technology offers excellent results. It is highly advantageous to use this type of broaching for high quality production runs.