Reasons floating speakers are better than the classic models

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Gadgets

When it comes to speakers, people always have a doubt if they should go with the classic models, or they should try the latest gadgets, which seem to defy gravity. Sometimes it seems less stressful to choose a classic model, because you know exactly what features are included, but when it comes to the look, you will always long for the floating gadget. Well, you should know that nowadays people prefer to choose the gravitating models, because they are receiving good reviews on specialized websites like In case you are not decided what type of speakers you should buy, you should read the following article, which provides you all the details you might need.

Improved sound quality

Many people consider that they need a big speaker for having high sound quality, but you should know that sound quality depends more on the shape of the speakers, than the size. Therefore, a speaker that has a round shape, and which is not tied to any another surface would be able to provide a better sound quality. In this way, the sound will not be stopped by any other object, and during the rotation, the orb is able to produce a great sound quality. If you want to use the system in a large space, you can invest in two speakers, to be able to cover all the space.

Great batter life

When you use this type of system, you do not have to worry about a blackout, because they are able to play music even when they are not connected to electricity. You only have to charge it at home, and you can use it to host a party even in your garden. The battery life varies according to the manufacturer, but the majority of them are able to play music for more than 5 hours, which is more than enough when thinking on how little they are.


Many people love to invest in this type of speakers, because they have many features, you would not benefit of, if you would choose a classic speaker. Therefore, you would be glad to know that you can use these speakers to talk on the phone with your friends and family. Also, they could be used to play music even when they are not placed above the base, so you could take them with you wherever you might need, and your only worry should be to charge them. You can connect them with almost any gadget available on the market.

Modern look

When considering the look, you would definitely see why this new model has an advantage. The designers created it to adapt easily in a modern house, or similar space, and not only that seems part of the décor, but it brings it a plus, transforming the room into a welcoming space. You can choose from a great variety of models and colors, so when you start looking for one you can be sure that you will find a product, which not only provides great sound quality, but also features an amazing look.