Presenting the Lightstrap iPhone Case

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Taking good pictures at night or in a dimly lit room or any closed or open space is difficult enough even when using a professional camera, but trying to do this with your camera phone may be considered madness by some people. Most of us think taking good pictures in the conditions mentioned above is quite impossible to achieve, but they could not be more wrong. Lightstrap iPhone Case is the answer for all of the nonbelievers out there.

Lightstrap iPhone Case is the newest gadget, and probably the only gadget of this type, which resolves all light problems for your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s smartphone. Many of you have probably encountered problems with the built-in camera flash of the mentioned smartphone, finding it a little weak for their needs. And, indeed it is, as most phone cameras are when it comes to pictures taken in dimly lit places or taken at night. This unique and useful gadget has become a must-have even in the world of photographers, and we will further explain to you why.

Lightstrap iPhone Case is the new iPhone flash case that offers you 10 times more light than the standard LED flash of your iPhone’s camera. It will help you capture the images that you were trying to capture with your regular phone. With the help of 2 buttons on the case, you can choose from 7 levels of brightness and 6 levels of color temperature. You can adjust these settings until you obtain the desired effect. Now, you may be asking about the phone’s battery and how this flash case may affect it. Lightstrap iPhone Case runs on it own internal battery, so it will not drain the battery of your phone, as its manufacturers, Brick & Pixel promise us 500 + flashes or 30 minutes of video.

Below are some pictures taken in weak light conditions, so you can decide for yourself, but we believe it is a wonder gadget any iPhone owner would be proud to have. As it has been released just a few days ago, it is sold at the price of $87, but once the first stock runs out, getting your own Lightstrap iPhone Case will cost you $97. It is not an average or low price for a phone case, but neither what it can do is common.

Professional use a ring light to get the distinctive look seen in magazines like Vogue. Lightstrap iPhone Case brings the advanced lighting technology used by professional photographers to your own iPhone, that is why many have already chosen to buy it. No more harsh shadows, red eye or paleness, negative aspects usually linked to standard flash photography, now your subjects will be photographed in soft and flattering light.

As you can see, technology has advanced greatly in the last years. A phone is no longer just a mean of communication but also an indispensable tool which can be used for numerous tasks. There are numerous gadgets and apps that are designed specifically for photography enthusiasts. If you are interested in discovering similar gadgets and apps, you should check the latest tech releases. We found a lot of useful tech reviews on A website like this can help you understand the characteristics of each gadget and app so that you can choose the ones which will help you take the best pictures.


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