Nike is reinventing the NFL clothing technology

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Family

Nike took over the responsibility of the NFL uniforms from Reebok in 2012.  Nike was expected to bring a radical design makeover at the beginning of the first year of contract, but the aim turned out to be a revolutionary change in the technology used to develop and manufacture the uniforms. While the appearance was kept faithful to the NFL tradition, the uniforms became sleeker and lighter in the pursuit of maximizing performance. The anticipated new uniform technology is indeed innovative and impressive in the way in which it can help athletes focus on their game. The uniforms are comfortable and lighter, allowing American football players give their best on the field. The five years contract between NFL and Nike will end in 2015, but until then Nike announces even more surprises. The 2014 Super Bowl silver edition was performance-driven with shrink-fit jerseys that increase mobility and provide strength. The new equipment is available in fan edition all over the world, including in official NFL store UK and other countries in Europe. It might seem incredible that equipment 20% to 30% lighter than the one made by Reebok can provide more strength, but the secret is hidden in the type of materials used and the way in which the uniforms are woven.

It is an understatement to categorize the new Nike uniform as lighter than the previous versions. The focus might have been on lighter materials, but special attention was given to countered fits and four-way stretch materials, which were put on the inside. Only the jersey is made of nine different materials that offer various advantages on the field. The materials are combined with success to offer thermal cooling and rip protection. Nike also announced that the new clothing technology allows athletes run pass adversaries without giving them the opportunity to make a grip, because of the lock-down fit. As an American football player, you can choose equipment that offers a cold weather protection by keeping cold out called Hyperwarm, a warm weather protection option that allows rapid evaporation of sweat called Hypercool and equipment that adds strength and lightweight protection called Hyperstrong. The protection also includes flexible deflex padding and an optional carbon fiber plate. In other words, the combination of materials is used to add flexibility, strength and thermal protection at the same time, allowing athletes to maximize their performance, while feeling totally comfortable in the uniform.


Another innovation brought by Nike is the way in which the NFL uniforms were thought. Professional designers have worked relentlessly to pin point the exact locations where the uniforms need to vent. The uniforms have more than one type of mesh ventilation depending on the recorded needs. The impact protection is a favorite feature of the NFL uniform as it allows players to be more flexible on the field and faster despite the added protection. Nike achieve this by adding a stronger material in the zones that need that extra protection instead of adding another layer of material, making the uniform lighter and more flexible as a result. You will find the new uniform in any NFL store UK, as long as it is an official provider.