Mobile trends to look out for in 2016

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Apps

As technology evolves, the mobile environment slowly, but steadily starts to become one of the most used devices in the digital space. Even though laptops and personal computers are evolving as well, users like the fact that they can take a smartphone virtually anywhere and do almost the same things they would do from a laptop has definitely influenced the popularity of these devices. At the same time, the mobile app industry has exploded in the past 2 years, allowing users to do virtually anything. From shopping online to checking their bank account or doing anything else they need, the powerful combination of state-of-the-art smartphones and mobile apps have essentially revolutionized the digital sphere. These are the most important trends that users and business owners should consider:

Faster mobile development


Considering that there are over one billion smartphone around the world constantly connected to the internet, business will have to adapt and develop apps as soon as possible. Even though don’t know how to build an mobile app now have access to dedicated software that allows them to create an app that matches their needs perfectly and manage its content without any problems. 2016 will offer businesses suitable solutions to develop apps in the fastest time possible and rise to the quality expectations of their customers.


Wearable hardware


Even though the smart watch was not an immediate hit, users are slowly starting to catch up with its benefits and 2016 will certainly offer them a lot more options in terms of wearable technology to choose from. But smart watches are not the only thing to look out for this year. Virtual reality headsets ad smart clothing may just as well become more requested by users, allowing companies and developers to come up with various innovative ideas.


Increased app security


Considering how many transactions are made every day through apps and how much information they store, developers will certainly need to work on constantly improving their security and offering users an app that is safe against a possible hacker attack. Cybersecurity is definitely something that all major companies are working on this year and it should come as no surprise the results they will present to the public within the next few months.


Shift of eCommerce to Mobile devices


Since in 2015 almost all major eCommerce platforms considered it was time to make an app of their own, it is interesting to see how this year will unfold and what new apps are in store for us. Certainly apps that are easier to use and offer customers a higher level of security.


All in all these are the main trends that people should look for this year, as they will certainly change the way apps are used and make a lot of things easier. As the mobile world is developing faster than ever and new smartphone offer exciting technology to their users, businesses should definitely invest more in high quality apps and come up with ideas that can attract more users.