Mineral makeup – the latest trend in the cosmetics industry

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Family

The cosmetics industry never seizes to amaze. Given the huge number of new products launched every year and the intense marketing that accompanies them, it’s no wonder that big beauty companies have thousands of women queuing both drugstores and high end beauty counters to get their hands on the latest miraculous lipsticks, blushes and foundations. Just like fashion, the beauty industry has its trends and some products go in and out of style from season to season. In the past year, one trend has stood up in particular: mineral makeup. This gets a lot of hype, especially in the United Kingdom, where independent boutique owners are on the lookout for wholesale cosmetics UK that can satisfy client demand. Unlike most cosmetics trends, mineral make-up seems to be good for your skin for a change, not just build up a pretty mask that suffocates your skin.

When analyzing the formula of mineral makeup, it is important to point out that it’s preservative and fragrance free. This means that it’s more suitable for sensitive skin and it doesn’t make breakouts worse and it soothes skin that is prone to rosacea. In addition, mineral make-up is also more lightweight than conventional make-up, so it lets skin breathe. If you don’t wear make-up because you feel that it’s too heavy on your skin and it causes pimples and whiteheads, you can try mineral makeup. However, the fact that it’s light doesn’t mean that it has low coverage. On the contrary, there are many mineral full coverage foundations, powders and concealers that last all day and cover all imperfections without feeling tacky and uncomfortable. Another innovation brought my mineral make-up is that they are based on safe, gentle and natural formulas, which means that they don’t cause irritations and allergies. These non-comedogenic formulas are not enough to treat conditions like acne or rosacea, but at least they do not make them worse, as it’s the case with other cosmetics. There are many women who have problems with their skins and need to conceal them, but can’t wear makeup because it only irritates the skin more.


Mineral make-up is very sought-after and women say they prefer it because it gives the feeling of “second skin”, compared to the heavy feeling left by normal cosmetics. This popularity has also caused several changes in the industry. Mineral make-up requires special application tools, so now the market also offers kabuki brushes and foundation brushes that help you make the most out of these cosmetics. One thing that customers don’t like about mineral make-up is that it’s still hard to find and so far very few highstreet shops can offer them at affordable prices. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on cosmetics in general, you can shop from wholesale cosmetics providers, because they have very low prices compared to stores. This way, you can have access to numerous make-up products, including the ones that are harder to find in stores, and you can save money without compromising on product quality.