Losing or breaking transponder car keys – finding solutions online

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Family

Most cars built after 1995 have transponder car keys or, more accurately put, transponder chips, which disarm the immobilizer of a vehicle at the moment the key is entered in the ignition spot to turn on the engine. The technology of transponder keys was quite revolutionary, enabling the engine control unit or the ECU to send an electronic message to the key, once it is turned in the ignition spot, allowing the car to start only if the right message was sent back. To that extent, the car key must not only be cut correctly, but also programmed correctly in order to disarm the immobilizer and start the car, which made the job of any car locksmith a lot more difficult and also the importance of finding a good service a lot more crucial. It can happen to anyone to lose the car keys or even break the key in ignition, which leaves most of us helpless and in need of professional, authorized services.

As mentioned above, most cars have transponder keys, so if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having lost or broken the key, don’t try to pull it out yourself or do anything that can further damage the car. The best solution for you is to find a professional car locksmith, with vast experience and deep knowledge in transponder keys. The term transponder comes from the combination of the world transmitter and responder, because the technology of the key is based on the electronic message that has to be correctly transmitted and responded to, which is why, as already said, it’s not important to only cut the key correctly, but also program it properly. If you need this type of service for your car, then the solution can come from the online environment, which is very convenient, since you are probably stranded somewhere on the road. There are several companies that provide mobile locksmith services, which means they come to you, and that promote their services online, so all you have to do is look for providers in the city or area you are stranded.


If you have a transponder key, then you should make sure the company you are resorting to is experienced in cutting and programing transponder keys and you should also inquire if they cover the make and model of your car, especially if it’s a newer model, just to make sure they don’t screw up your ignition and your engine control unit. Look for experienced services, but also for companies that use the latest technologies and that are up to date with these. Whether you’ve ever experienced the unpleasant situation of losing or breaking your car key or haven’t been in that position yet, it is always good to have the number of a car locksmith at hand, just in case. Furthermore, if you research providers beforehand, you’ve got plenty of time to compare and revise your options thoroughly, to make sure you find the best service available.