How to protect your designs from being stolen or distributed without permission

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Design Registration secures your designs or intellectual property against unapproved use or encroachment of any sort and guarantees that the proprietor holds its entitlement to their design and rewards for their work. It is a viable way of protecting your intellectual property.

As present commercial market continues to develop and turn out to be more aggressive, the designs of various products have increased in focus, prompting the significance of design registration.

The presence of your site, logo, or items is of fundamental significance for the progress of your business.

Registration of a design for a full visual appearance of your product, or parts of it, for example, it’s shape and packages, or the surface design of products. Indeed, even logos are all available. An awesome design is a great resource. If you need to lead your competitors, you have to secure your design innovations.

Design protections are frequently neglected. Nonetheless, it is a ground-breaking tool to secure your designs from the overall industry and to keep contenders from duplicating your ideas.

In spite of the fact that you naturally get some unregistered protection, registering your design gives you more grounded rights.

One of the advantages of design protection is that on the off chance that another person is using a comparable design you don’t have to demonstrate that they replicated your design. You can prevent them from using it immediately and contact your intellectual property IP lawyers for legal actions; registration gives you a lawful permission over that design for up to 25 years.


An application form must be filed to register your design. This ought to incorporate a reasonable and finish depiction of the design so it gives outsiders new specialized data and can be comprehended by people with a lower understanding of the design being referred to.

Cases made in other nation ought to incorporate an address in that nation or that of a person holding the power of Trade Mark Attorney. Different formalities are regularly required, for example, the payment of certain fees or confirmation by a Trade Mark Attorney.

The application is then inspected by the required body in the nation concerned; the strategy used can contrast from one nation to the next. In the event that protection is without a doubt, a certificate is issued expressing that the proprietor’s restrictive rights exist from the date of registration. In situations where protection is denied the design owner ought to be given the privilege to state objective and appeal.


  • Recognizable proof of ownership of the given design
  • Depiction of the product to which the design right applies to
  • Photographic portrayal of the design

For people in Essex, it’s best to hire a Trade Mark Attorney in Essex to guide you with the legal process, in order to avoid mistakes that could be very costly to your design protection registrations and rights in the future.

Online advertising – the future of marketing

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In a world dominated of technology, the virtual environment has become a definite criterion for almost any industry and marketing is no exception. While years ago, the most efficient promotional methods were the physical ones, such as newspapers or television, nowadays no business can achieve success if they do not use modern advertising solutions. So, in case you are running a startup and you are thinking about what to do next, then investing in digital marketing should be on top of your list. It is true that other methods are handier and sometimes even more affordable, but online advertising is definitely more efficient. Of course, if you lack specialized knowledge, it may be hard for you to come up with a successful strategy, which is why you are recommended to collaborate with a dedicated agency, such as These firms provide complex and professional services that include all the sub-domains and will help you grow your business quite fast.

Why is online marketing so popular?

If you have still not found the answer to this question, then you should keep reading some relevant facts. To begin with, the evolution of technology is facilitating people’s access to internet and performing devices at any moment. Gadgets are more and more advanced, thus offering users an extremely qualitative experience. Owning a PC is no longer something exclusivist, and the same goes for smart phones. In addition to this, another relevant thing you should know is that he average mobile user checks their phone at least 150 times a day. All these clearly indicate that at the moment, the easiest way to get potential customers’ attention is through virtual methods.

What part of online marketing should you invest in?

Also known as digital marketing, this branch of advertising consists in multiple sub sectors. From web site development to search engine marketing (SEM), there are plenty of paths you can approach in order to take your business higher. However, what few people know is that SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the most efficient solutions. Although still underrated, this practice consists in making your web page as search engine friendly as possible. A large proportion of web traffic comes from organic searches, which is why you need to have engines by your side. Here again, you have to collaborate with a team of people who understand how these robots work and what to do in order to transform your platform into one “recommended” by the most popular engines in the industry, such as Google or Bing. Keep in mind that these change their algorithms on a daily basis, and you need to make constant updates to your site.

As you can see, if you had not thought about investing in online marketing yet, then you need to redesign your budget. This practice is completely worth it and will definitely pay off within a couple of months. Choose a reliable partner, a professional and innovative agency, and soon enough your business will grow considerably.

The advantages of using a prepaid Visa Bitcoin card

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Cryptocurrency is not a new trend, but rather a technology that has existed long before Bitcoin. The idea of putting money onto smartcards was first introduced in the 1980s. Yet, cryptocurrency did not enjoy success prior to the decentralization of the Bitcoin in 2009. The benefits of using virtual assets are virtually endless. Not only can you avoid transaction fees, but also not risk losing whatever you have. The latest innovation in cryptocurrency is represented, however, by prepaid Visa Bitcoin cards. Prepaid cards are provided by companies like VVC Bitcoin to help customers with their everyday spending. Undoubtedly, having one is advantageous and here is why.

Quicker access to money

A debit or a credit Bitcoin card makes it easier to access your capital. To put it simply, you have immediate access to the results of your work via your online account, phone and mobile apps. There is nothing simpler than to get your digital assets into your account and use the credit/debit card at any existing facility. You can use the digital currency for everyday purchases and you needn’t wait for the online store to accept it. What is important to keep in mind is the fact that the combination digital currency with a Visa card is a strong option.

Protection of funds

You can rest assured that the currency stored on your card are completely safe. One of the advantages of having a prepaid Visa Bitcoin card is that you do not have to worry about your digital currency. The Visa card is embedded with quality technology, so you enjoy a high level of security. Basically, it is impossible for someone to transfer cash without your approval.  The fact is that security is a priority for providers, which is the reason why transactions such as withdrawals are realized according to the strict security standards. What is more, with these types of transactions there is no need to know everything.

Similar, yet better than traditional cards

Although a Visa Bitcoin card is similar in function to a traditional bank card, it is highly distinct. One major difference is represented by the fact that you can convert Bitcoin into your preferred currency in a matter of seconds. Another difference lies in format. You can either get a plastic card or a virtual card. Once you have paid your provider, you can start using your card in any country that accepts Visa. Equally important is mentioning that the rewards differ as well. While some cards compensate you for making financial transactions, others make discounts for every purchase that you make.

The bottom line is that if you want to open up to a world of opportunities you should get a prepaid Visa Bitcoin card. Such a card is the only solution to spending your virtual currency and it is pity not to take advantage of it. With your card, you are able to send and receive digital currency in an instant and get points or something substantial for the purchases you make.



Are online courses beneficial for you?

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In a world dominated by technology, it seems that even the learning process has suffered considerable transformations. While ages ago, kids would just go to school or receive tutoring classes from professional teachers, nowadays there are many other methods and materials one can use, for educational purposes. The Internet, automated devices, and virtual materials – to mention but few of the most relevant ones. This entire diversity has led to the point where more and more people prefer to replace traditional tutoring lessons with online courses. And while some are still reluctant to the idea of working alone in front of the computer, following the instructions of a robot, others are quite hyped of this, since they have already experienced the benefits of virtual learning. If you are still indecisive, then our advice is to try it at least once and decide, based on your own experience, if it is worth trying or not.

Why are online classes so popular?

To begin with, the main reason why more and more individuals opt for this type of courses is that they are very lucrative. While if you hire a tutor, you need to pay them a fee and spend an exact amount of hours learning what you need to learn, virtual solutions give you the possibility to access a number of materials, and in most cases without any expense. Free lessons are extremely common and appealing, especially for general subjects and for students seeking a lower level of proficiency. If they are not free, the classes are really affordable, as compared to other options. This way, both teachers, and students get exactly what they need.

What can you study online?

Truth be told, you can study almost anything via a dedicated online learning platform. The most common services provided include foreign languages (from the most basic ones, such as English, to Japanese or Chinese), computer skills, business skills, personal and professional development. And given the huge diversity of websites and resources available, there is no way you cannot find something to suit your needs and budget. The great variety of programs has been custom to suit any demand and every level of knowledge. This means that whether you want to learn a new language or find out more about business or management, you can still get professional services.

When and where can you take the classes?

The answer to this is simple: wherever and whenever. That is another great benefit of online courses: the fact that you can design the schedule however you want, depending on your other activities. It definitely means more comfort and convenience, because you are not forced to attend classes according to a fixed schedule. The materials are sent to you and you are the only one who decides when you want to use them. Needless to say, you will not get this kind of flexibility if you take traditional courses. No more skipping, no more getting late and no more sacrificing your personal time to go to school.


Important things to consider when selecting an ecommerce fulfillment partner

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If you have chosen ecommerce, and your business is growing bigger every day, then perhaps it is time to consider working with a partner. Outsourcing your order fulfillment will enable you to expand your business and keep up with the market requirements, and thus benefit from a profit increase. Fulfillment companies offer excellent services, but not all of them are equally experienced of reliable, and this is why you need to choose with care. Surpassing your customers’ expectations is possible only with the support of the best ecommerce fulfillment partner, so here is what you should consider when choosing whom to do business with:


First, you will need to find out more about what technology solutions the supplier can offer you, because nowadays, technology is the cornerstone for any business’ success. You have to be certain that the company will provide you with the flexibility and visibility you need to run your business as efficiently as possible. Inform yourself about their order and warehouse management systems, before signing any contracts. All the requirements of your omnichannel strategy need to be met by your partner.


Most ecommerce fulfillment companies focus on specific types of businesses and industries, so you should know if the company’s operations suit the particular requirements of your business. In order to learn more on the topic, ask your potential partner about their current clients, and if they can scale to suit your particular needs. To make a safer decision, see if they can offer you some references from current or past clients.

Shipping flexibility

Depending on exactly the type of ecommerce retail business you are managing and on customer demand, flexibility is required, in terms of shipping options. You should pay attention to this detail, and find out if your prospective fulfillment partner can meet the current shipping demands of your customers. You need to provide your clientele with both international and domestic delivery possibilities. Your partner should offer you some low-cost shipping methods, while considering the size and distance factor. Discuss with the company about this aspect before choosing their services.


Communication is the key to any successful business relation, and the same goes for you and your ecommerce fulfillment partner. Perhaps there will be situations where you will need to cancel a customer’s order, or modify an address or contact detail, so make sure the company you work with responds quickly to your requests and is available via phone or email at all times. If you have to wait more than a few hours for the fulfillment center to responds, then they are probably not as reliable or professional as you would want.

Outsourcing your order fulfillment is a great sign, meaning your ecommerce business is growing and you need additional support. However, when choosing a partner, you need to pay attention to some details, in order to make a wise decision. Remember that the future success of your business might be depending on this detail, so before settling for an offer or another, think about the above mentioned aspects.

Simple SEO mistakes you should stop making right away

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Search Engine Optimization has become an important tool in optimizing websites and making them higher ranked in search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. There are numerous SEO agencies that have made their way through the market in the past years and many business owners have understood the importance of SEO, which is why they have resorted to the services of professional agencies such as After you have read numerous articles on SEO and have learnt a bit about it, you might think you are ready for optimizing your website on your own, so here is a list of simple mistakes to avoid from the very beginning.

Not focusing on optimizing for local search

If the business you own is dedicated to customers from a specific city or area, it is highly recommended to understand what local search actually is and optimize the site for it. Search engines handle this type of search differently compared to the keywords used for a global search for instance, so you should start with including some region-specific keywords in your Meta descriptions and page titles.

 Not selecting proper keywords

When it comes to SEO, keywords are crucial, which is why they have to be carefully chosen in order to obtain the desired results. Choosing global keywords for a company that provides services in a specific region only is a huge mistake that any company should avoid and this also counts for generic keywords, or those who have a lot of competition. It is best to find keywords as specific as possible, because this way there are higher chances to actually rank and have more qualified traffic.

Unique Meta descriptions and title tags – the key to success

Just as in the case of keywords, it is highly important to have unique title tags and Meta descriptions for each page. There are many websites that still have the same or similar titles for each page on the website, which is a damaging mistake. Every page should have its unique Meta description, keywords and title to take advantage of the benefits of proper SEO.

Not paying attention to the anchor text for the website’s internal links

When it comes to anchor text, some believe that if they include a “click here” or other generic text they solve the call to action part, when in fact, from a SEO perspective, these anchor texts are actually a waste. It is recommended to use specific anchor texts in this case as well, and what is more, it is important to not use the same anchor text for every link.

However, in order to avoid these mistakes, resort to a professional SEO agency.

Brexit Could Create New Nearshore Market in Europe

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The June (2016) vote by UK citizens to leave the European Union could very well be the most important geopolitical and economic decision of recent times. Ending an economic and political relationship more than four decades old is no small matter by any measure. The most important thing now is for the United Kingdom and EU to negotiate a compromise settlement that appeals to the interests of both parties as much as possible. Whatever the outcome, Brexit could open the door to a whole new nearshore outsourcing market in Europe.


At the core of the Brexit vote was the question of whether the UK wanted to continue on the evolving path of globalization. Globalization, along with its symbiotic immigration partner, appears to be threatening sovereignty and national security in the eyes of those who voted ‘leave’. And as surprised as most of the world was about the outcome, an even bigger surprise is the reality that UK’s decision could lead to a new wave of anti-globalization that would eventually see the EU collapse altogether.


What does this mean for nearshore outsourcing? It actually means quite a lot. For example, consider what might happen if the United Kingdom and EU cannot negotiate some sort of agreement to maintain open borders for European citizens. A lot of foreign tech people now working in the UK would be forced to return home. Furthermore, British tech companies may have trouble filling positions if Europeans decide they do not want to move there permanently. This would inevitably lead to new opportunities for nearshore outsourcing.

Time and Geography No Problem


It is rather easy to envision an emerging nearshore outsourcing market in Europe due to a lack of any real time and geography constraints. Europe is a very compact continent with most of the countries in the western portion so close together that doing business there is no different than doing business here across state borders. Furthermore, decades of working relationships within the EU mean that companies all over Europe are already used to one another’s time zones, business cultures, and so on.


The lack of time and geography constraints would make it very easy to establish an outsourcing tech firm capable of immediately stepping in and serving UK clients. The same would be true in the opposite direction. The only barriers to a successful market would be government regulations that prohibit the free flow of economic benefits between the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. And although such stifling regulations are unlikely, they still are possible.


The World Getting Bigger Again


There are rumblings across the globe among greater numbers of citizens looking to put the brakes on globalization. What happened in the UK last month may be just the start of something a lot bigger than the EU. Indeed, the world appears to be getting bigger rather than smaller. Whether that is good for politics or not no one knows. But it seems to be very good for an emerging outsourcing market that is now an entrenched player in IT and technology.


Regardless of the outcome of the negotiations between the United Kingdom and the EU, nearshore outsourcing in Europe is likely to get a good boost as a result of Brexit. There will be little surprise if we see dozens of new outsourcing firms set up shop in countries such as France, Germany and Spain. They will provide outsourced services that UK companies need to remain viable as an independent nation and economy, even as their own countries decide their positions on Europe and globalization.

Steps to follow when designing a website

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A website is a vital tool for businesses in present times, because they are the key to reach to clients, and possible partners. In a period when everything is advertised online, you have to consider this option, if you want to build a company that not only would last in time, but would also evolve. Your main goal should not be to offer the same services to the same clients, because in this way, you cannot achieve performance, you should create a plan to improve the services you are offering, and reach a bigger number of possible customers constantly. For doing this you will have to collaborate with a company that provides website design Glasgow, because they are professionals, who would assess the needs of your business and would create an online platform, that would help you achieve your goals. But before designing your website, you should be informed on what the process involves, because you will have to collaborate with the web design company to adapt and adjust your requirements on the way.

Step 1 – Website design

This is the step when you have to share with the company you collaborate with, the requirements you have for the website. You have to tell them what you want the online platform to accomplish, and ask them offer you an internet marketing strategy for achieving your goals. Your website should be designed in such a way to meet the needs of the both the users who are researching for a topic, and the ones who have all the information they need and are ready to buy. However, before starting to build the website, you have to decide if it would provide information, sell products and services, or it would do both of them. It is essential to know the niche of your business before starting the design project.

Step 2 – Analysing the competition

You are not the only one who is providing these services in your region, so you have to study the services provided by your competitors. You have to see how you can improve your products and services in such a way to be better than they are, and if you could offer more. It is important to discuss with the design team, and see what you can do for your website to set your brand apart, and put you above your competition.

Step 3 – SEO Friendly website

This step implies talking with your web design team to see how you can create a website that is SEO friendly. You have two consider two aspects during this step. The first one is to create a website that users find easy to use and navigate through. Consider organising the content in relevant pages, and use an intuitive menu, because the more effective your website would be the more customers would use your services. The second aspect you have to consider is the way search engines see your website. The SEO specialist would be the one that would design a plan according to which your website would be listed in the top results of the search engines, when users are typing keywords related to the services your company provides.

How hard is to find a reliable data provider

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When running a business is very important to know that all your information is stored in safe and secure conditions. In modern times the data behind any business has the power to make or break a company, because if a natural disaster is happening, or one of your employees is spilling drinks on the equipment, you might lose it all. It is crucial to have access to all the data no matter what it happens, because if you are able to recover it, you would be also able to rebuild your business. For being sure that you will not experience any issue, it is advisable to contract a company which provides online data backup, because it would make bearable any unfortunate event. If you are not convinced if this is the right option, you should ask yourself if you could carry on with your company in case you lose all the data. If the answer is “no”, you should start looking for a data backup provider, and for finding a reliable one you should choose the one that checks the following requirements.

Storage space

This is one of the most important features you should look for when looking for a backup data provider. The first step would be to talk with the specialists from your company, and see how much storage you need. The majority of companies are able to provide unlimited space, but you have to be sure that you collaborate with one that is able to offer you these services. The provider should offer you a suitable option for your specific needs. You should also know that the cost is directly related to the space you are buying, so you have to be sure that you are able to stay within the budget of your company.


Depending on the industry you are working in, you might not know exactly from the start how much space you need, because it depends on the number of computers, employees and volume of data. Also, the type of business you are running is very important, because now you might need a certain storage space, but the need might increase rapidly and you have to be sure that the provider is able to offer you the space you need. Therefore, when choosing a provider, you have to be sure that it is able to provide you agility and scalability, because you have to be sure that the storage space would increase in case your business grows.


There are plenty of online data backup providers, so you have to do some research and see what services every one of them offers. You have to be sure that you make the right choice, because some of the companies might overprice their services. It is advisable to compare the services and the prices, and in case you notice that a company has an under-the-market price, you should not choose it, because you get what you pay for. Look for these requirements, and you will find a reliable data backup provider.


Improvements you can bring to your hair salon right away

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The beauty industry is probably one of the most competitive there are. This is not just something experts are claiming; it is also proved by the fact that you can see beauty and hair salons on any corner. Taking into consideration that customers have plenty of options to choose from, you need to invest some time and efforts in standing out of the crowd. Of course, professional services and a nice atmosphere will help, but there is also one element you definitely have to include in your strategy of appealing clients: innovation. If you offer the same thing like other hair salons, chances are people will choose someone else instead of you, because it does not make any difference. However, if you are constantly striving to come up with something new and creative, customers will be tempted to make an appointment and take advantage of your offers. Being original does not take too much, only some imagination and courage. So, if you are up for a challenge, here are some solutions you could implement to attract more clients in your hair salon:

  1. Make use of technology

Believe it or not, the evolution of technology has had a great influence on the beauty industry, as same as with any other domains. You are probably thinking that this means the automation of several tools used in hair salons, but this is not all. In addition to this, you can now make use of highly performing systems and pieces of software, extremely innovative and efficient. Having an online booking software, for example, can give you a great advantage over your competitors. In spite of being rather popular, this type of application is new on the market, so not everybody has found out about its existence. It provides plenty of benefits, such as easier booking, financial inventory, customer database and many others. Give it a try and you will notice major improvements in no time.


  1. Invest in customer service

It is well known that customer service has become a great benefit for business all around the world. No one wants to collaborate with an unprofessional company or talk to rude staff – but these are only the basic rules of customer service. Providing your clients with a qualitative experience means much more than this: it means knowing what they want, personalizing your offers and also treat them in a friendly yet professional manner. Try to find out as many things as possible about them, in order to adjust your services depending on each individual’s needs.


  1. Pay attention to interior design

People normally come to hair salons to get their hair done, but also to feel spoiled and classy. If you are welcoming them in a dull place, they will probably never come back. For this reason, if you want to suggest them that your business is the place they need to look better; you also have to make them feel better. Invest in interior design, choose neat and stylish furniture, but remember to keep it all friendly and laid back.


Important elements you should consider when building your website

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Nowadays even if your company is providing services and products online or not, it is essential to have a functional website. With the help of your website, you will be able to reach more potential clients, and provide them useful information about your area of activity. You should be aware that in present times, people find easier to look online when they need to purchase a certain product, or hire different services, and you have to be sure that your website is optimized in such a way to be in the first results of the search engines. For achieving this, you have to contact a specialized company like Ultraweb to create you a well-organized and optimized website. In case you want to get involved in the process of developing the website, you should consider some important elements that help every online company to be easier to browse by customers, and raise the possible clients’ attention.

The name and URL

You have to understand how important is to select a relevant name and domain for your website, because they would help you grow in the search engine rankings. Depending on the services or products you are listing, you should include a hint of them in the URL you are choosing. A great factor in the ranking of your website is using a keyword in the URL, so you should not ignore this aspect.

Site layout

Before creating the content for the website, you have to talk with the web-designing specialists to offer you an image of the way the website would look, because you have to respect its real estate. You should not post too much information because it would look cluttered and the customers will find hard to browse through it. You should use an inviting layout and design, because it would offer your potential customers the impression that you are a professional company, who cares about its image and they would trust working with you.


When deciding upon the content you will post on your website, you could offer some key details about your company to the web designers, and they could compose it for you, or you can create it, and they would optimize it in such a way for making more reachable for the search engines. You have to be sure that the visitors would find the text easy to read, and you offer them interactive content, which will raise their interest.

Social media links

Through these means, you offer customers the possibility to interact with your business through the social media platforms they find more accessible for them. Therefore, when you create a website you also have to attach it links to different social media platforms. The links to these pages should be included naturally on the content from your website, and you could create a blog, and ask for one of your employees to post articles related to your business on a regularly basis. This will make people see you as a reliable company.

Choosing an online data backup provider – cloud backup service checklist

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Investing some money in a cloud data backup service is a smart move for many businesses. Because data can be easily lost, either due to a system breakdown or an equipment theft, you should always be prepared for any situation to avoid a business disaster. When it comes to online data backup service, you will find a wide range of offers to choose from, with a simple search online. However, it is important to select a backup solution suitable for the requirements of your business. Being such crucial decision for the safety of your business, you should be extremely careful when selecting a backup provider. Here are some aspects you should consider, when you are making this decision:


Before making any decisions, think about how much storage you would need. You have the possibility of choosing from 1GB to unlimited space, depending on your requirements. Of course, the space you can benefit from is usually linked to the price you will need to pay. Although the provider might be able to offer you the solution you require, think about your budget and how much data storage space you can really afford.

Backup frequency

Because both yourself and your employees are probably updating information and working on new files every day, you need to be certain that all the latest version are backed up in the system. Therefore, you should ask the vendor about the frequency with which your data is being backed up, and how the software works to do that.


Although, you might seem to know how much storage you will require temporarily, in time the needs of your business might grow. It is important to consider this aspect right from the start. The number of computers used might increase, you might hire more employees, and your overall needs may change in a way or another. Look for a service that can offer you agility and scalability, allowing your backup to grow as your business grows as well. By resorting to the right provider, which will provide you with flexible solutions, you will not need to choose nor pay for unlimited space right from the start.


Last but not least, you should inform yourself about the security of the backup software provided. The number of Cybercriminals is growing bigger every day, using more sophisticated methods to break into cloud software and to access important information. Discuss with your vendor and find out how safe is your data and how it is being protected. At least 256-bit encryption should be something to look for.

As you can see, you should pay close attention to a few details, when you are selecting a provider. Because you probably have important files that need to be secured and protected, the software or service provider you opt for is extremely important. To avoid any possible inconveniences or even work-related disasters, keep these few aspects in mind, when you are making a choice. Study the market, find out what your options are, compare them and make your choice wisely.

The life cycle of mobile app development

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No one could have anticipated the rapid evolution of the mobile applications development. This fast progression has led many organizations to believe that mobile applications must be developed at a fast pace and, what is most important, without very much planning since the next best thing can easily replace them. With this thought in mind, many companies have operated without a proper mobile product lifecycle management. However, building mobile applications is an elaborate process that involves up-front-design, usability testing and a full lifecycle. A rational mobile app development company will take into account a few considerations for developing a better plan of attack, which you should as well.

Market research

If you have a couple of mobile app ideas for your business, then you should dive into market research. You should look into your own business and target audience, but also into that of the competitors. Practically, you should find answers to these questions: What exactly do you want the mobile application to accomplish? Who is your target audience? What kind of platform will you use? How will the users interact with the app? What is your overall budget? When will you launch the app? If you have not yet gone through all these things, then you need to quickly assemble your app development team to gather this information during the research and discovery phase. The feedback will make the development process a lot smoother.

The development phase  

The development stage is concerned mainly with trying to solve the user experience or UX. UX design is realized via wireframes and mockups with the help of tools. Your wireframes should support the application, so you will need to think in terms of APIs, servers, data diagrams, data integration and push notification services. You should choose a mobile backend as a service platform owing to the fact that it will solve many common challenges, including scalability and lack of in-house talent. With respect to actually developing the program, you have to be ready for programming and coding. At this phase, the app skin is created, namely the interface that users will eventually interact with. Make sure that your design comprise all the ideas and the feedback that you have collected from initial testing.

 Testing time and time again

When the application concept is finalized, it is necessary to test the program in real scenarios in order to identify any technical flaws. This basically implies going back to the original planning and design documents and evaluating each single feature. You should never assume that something works simply because it has shown great results during the development phase. A good idea is to observe how users interact with the product. They may have insight and questions that may not be that obvious to you.


When developing a mobile application, it is important to make some considerations. To be more precise, you should take into account the challenges to multitasking, the form factor and, last but not least, the limited resources. The bottom line is that developing a mobile application is not the same thing as traditional desktop building.

Web development trends you must try this year

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In a world dominated by technology, everybody has the certainty that the internet is the future. Nowadays, almost any reliable company takes pride in owning a professional official web page, because people browse online regardless the service or good they need. For this reason, web development has become one of the most popular sub sectors of the comprehensive IT field. Annually, trends change in accordance to technological evolutions and users’ preferences and with such a dynamic industry, staying up to date is crucial. Implementing some of the most popular market tendencies will help you keep your site performing and functional, while also achieving the expected results in terms of web traffic. Based on a simple analysis, here are some of the most common frameworks and strategies you need to know if you want to become a leader in the virtual environment:

Advanced platforms mean new design

When it comes to web development services, you should know that the industry is all about evolution. New gadgets seem to appear overnight, as same as new technologies, which is why professional have to adapt their processes and methods. Nowadays, there is a constantly increasing need for responsive web design, since users are using different devices to access the same page. Change is the only thing that is constant, so designing platforms and applications that can adapt to any gadget should be developers’ priority in the upcoming period. Responsive format means fewer restrictions, more flexibility and of course, more traffic for your web site.


Try Internet of Things

Also known as IoT to specialists, the Internet of Things seems to be something extremely impactful. Believe it or not, this procedure has taken application development to a whole new level in the past year and it seems that the trend is here to stay some more time. Experts predict that startup companies are going to provide at least half of the IoT development, thus generating efficient exchange of data. For this reason, you have to make sure it plays an important role in your web development strategies. Taking into consideration that more and more devices are connected to the network, upgraded solutions and new systems seem to be mandatory for a successful Internet of Things that can ensure proper communication between gadgets and pieces of equipment.


On site advertisement

In the past years, advertisement blocking plugins have become very popular among users, who are annoyed because they have to watch promotional materials without actually wanting to do so. This has led in a huge loss for web site owners, who can no longer use their virtual space to promote other entities. This has become a worldwide issue, since millions of individuals around the globe have such plugins installed. This means that web developers must find innovative ways to minimize the effect of dedicated blockers, while also displaying ads and enabling other to make use of on-site space.

How to win at AdWords the right way

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Search marketers spend a lot of time analysing SEO algorithms and they constantly try to reverse ranking factors in the effort to increase organic rankings. The issue is that when it comes to search, there is not enough research, even though SEO is largely driven by an algorithm, namely Quality Score. This algorithm determines not only ad position, but also cost per click and numerous other factors. In short, Quality Score drive the success of the account. As long as you understand how Quality Score functions, you can keep ahead of the competition. The advice presented in this article will help you run a successful AdWords campaign. But if the matter seems too complicated for you to understand, you can consult an Adwords Hacks Infographic which simplifies the subject.

Understanding how Quality Score affects ad ranking

Quality Score is a broad term used by Google to establish the relevancy of both keywords and ads in the AdWords account, which is reported on a scale of 1-10. The reason why Google cares about the quality of the ads is that it is not in the interest of anyone to showcase irrelevant ads that do not appeal to users. When people click on your ads, Google gets paid, so the favour is mutual. Nonetheless, this binding does not necessarily result in a higher position. Having Quality Score is important due to the fact that it can lower your cost per action or even improve your rankings. A digital marketing agency such as SMBclix can tell you how to raise your score.

The features of a high Quality Score account

If you want to make sure that you as an advertiser are doing the right thing, then your account should have the following characteristics. The single most important factor is the click-through rate or the CTR, which should be higher than the average. An example of a decent click-through rate is 14.06 %. Generally speaking, branded keywords have a CTR of 50% or 70%. What is astonishing to note is that even with a 0% CTR, you can still receive a perfect quality score. In addition to competitive keywords, you have to carefully select long-tail keywords. Only 1% of your keywords should be one-word terms. It is also necessary to perform ongoing text optimization and to dedicate a lot of time to your account.

Trick you can use to generate leads

Like in any industry, you will have competitors. So, if the competition has highly-ranked ads, you should analyse their secrets. To get to know a little about your competitor, you can use a search analytics program. Take a good luck at the keyword performance of the competitors and see the estimated monthly clicks. To get the upper hand, you can target the same keyword or choose a slightly different set. Another thing you can do is make use of AdWords’ feature called in-market audiences, which lets you look beyond demographics. Basically, you will be able to target only users that have proven to be in the market for a specific product. Last but not least, you can optimize AdWords for mobile platforms. Focusing on mobile is important since it already has the upper hand.


Top 5 crowdfunding websites – choosing the right one for you

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If you are one of those persons that have a great idea but cannot put it in practice because of the lack of the capital, then crowdfunding is the right answer for you. For those who are not familiar with the concept, crowdfunding implies raising money from numerous people from all over the world through the Internet. This method has become more and more popular nowadays. There are various websites that provide such services, and Indiegogo Help Center is only one good example. Below are five of the most used crowdfunding websites people use whenever they want to raise funding.


Indiegogo is one of the largest global crowdfunding and fundraising website that is used by people from all over the world. It supports non-profit organizations, artists and businesses. The site was launched in 2008 and the main purpose is to help people make their dream come true. There are some fees you have to pay at the end of the fundraising, and those are of 4% of the earnings if the goal is met and of 9% in case you do not meet your goal, where other payment processing fees are also included.


Kickstarter is another widely known crowdfunding website and it is used especially by people from the UK and US. It was launched somewhere in 2009 and it receives millions of visits every month, which also has a great impact on the increasing rate of success of Kickstarter projects. The fees this website asks for are of 5% in case the goal is met, and this includes payment processing fees too.


Rockethub is another choice people make when it comes to crowdfunding online platforms. The categories this website supports are art, science, social and business. Communities, educators and governments that need funding for starting various projects in the domain of education mostly use this website. The fees people have to pay are of 4% in case they meet their goal and of 8% if they do not, and this also includes other fees for payment processing.


Crowdfunder is another online platform that people from the US use it and the main purpose is to connect people who need funding with numerous local networks, entrepreneurs and investors. The fees that need to be paid in this case are of 5%, including payment processing fees, in case the one raising funds achieves their goal.


Last but not least, Fundable is another crowdfunding website that has gained popularity in the last years. It is suitable for startups who want to raise funds for their projects and it allows them to opt for crowdfunding methods such as equity or rewards in exchange for the investment. The fees startups need to pay are of 99$ per month, plus other payment processing fees, and these have to be paid during active campaigns.

These are the five most used crowdfunding websites that people choose the moment they want to raise funding for their projects. You should do some research online in order to determine which is the right one for you.

Public relations for small businesses – what are the advantages?

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Business expansion is a problem small businesses are often confronted with. Because it is rather difficult for some businesses to achieve success, when the market is such a competitive one, resorting to professional guidance is more than necessary. The right PR company, such as, can bring you the solutions you need to create a more approachable image for your business. Profit increase is probably every business owner’s main desire, and with the right strategic campaigns you can achieve any goal you have set for your business. Because public relations can bring small business so many advantages, many business owner have opted to work with experts who can bring them the profit increase and business growth they desire. Here are a few of the many benefits offered by public relations.

Controlled business image

Maintaining and protecting your business’ reputation is one of the most important aspect to consider. The image that you create for your business can increase or decrease the number of customers, and this is why it is so important to work with the right PR consultants, who have the capability of controlling the image of your business. A positive image can be the key to success.

Reach mass audiences

Media relations and customer relations are important details to consider when it comes to business expansions. PR gives you an effective opportunity to create the relations necessary that will enable your business to reach mass audiences. Involving social media in PR activities has become crucial nowadays, and with the right strategies, appealing to the mass audiences will not be that difficult. The right company can provide you with the solutions, strategic campaigns and publicity strategies that will push your business in the right direction.

Exceed your competitors

Any small business faces difficulties, when it comes to expansion and profit increase. The main reason why growth can become a serious issue for small businesses is that the market is a highly competitive one, and it without proper advertising strategies, it is impossible to create awareness. An experienced and reputable public relations company can help you exceed your competitors, by offering you effective publicity solutions. With the assistance of a capable team of PR experts, you will have an advantage over your competitors, which can only be a positive aspect. In today’s market, any small detail can make a huge difference and this is why you should not neglect the importance that public relations can have.

Comprehending the important role that public relations play in the development of a business is the first step you need to take. You can give your business the opportunity to expand and reach out to an increased number of consumers. Start looking for a reliable PR company that can provide you with the services you require. Reach your target audience faster and more effectively with the help of experienced and qualified PR specialists. When you have the amazing opportunity of expanding your business, why not resort to professional PR services? Research the topic, and make your decisions wisely.

How to Use SEO to Your Advantage

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Nowadays, most people prefer using social media and mostly search engines to promote their business. Online marketing is the most practical and easiest solution for finding potential customers, so in order to get best results it’s essential to know how to use SEO to your advantage. In this following article we will help you optimize your business for the digital age in just a couple of steps, so read on.

Choose a focus keyword

A general rule would be to choose a focus keyword for your website’s contents. This specific keyword can help you gain high rankings, so it’s advisable to use short-tail keywords for best results but long-tail keywords are also a good solution because you can attract a specific group of visitors that are interested in learning more about the content of your website.

Avoid using too many keywords at once

While it’s totally acceptable to use highly searched keywords, it’s not recommended to use too many keywords when promoting your business. Instead of stuffing your website with keywords that have nothing to do with the actual content of your page or repeating the same keywords over and over, it’s best to keep it simple.

Focus on meta-description

If you want to gain even more customers, you can consider writing interesting meta-descriptions that will attract visitors on your website instantly. Make sure to not exceed more than 140 characters for your meta-description, otherwise the visitors can lose interest faster if the description is long and detailed. The key is to be creative and create original content that will spark the interest of others. If you are still facing problems on how to create meta-descriptions or use SEO to your full advantage, you can consider asking for the help of a professional on different websites that specialize in this field, such as so that you can learn more about SEO optimization. Take some time to create original meta-description because after all, this represents your last hope to attract a visitor on your page.

Post original content

In order to use SEO to your full advantage, you need to have high quality content and use keywords correctly. In order to use SEO to your full advantage, you need to have high quality content and use keywords correctly. There are many aspects of ranking on a high position on search engines and professionals can help you make sure that you’re doing everything in a proper manner. Nonetheless, your job is to ensure that your website contains good quality and original content. After all, quality should be your top priority.

Avoid scams when trading binary options

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In the past years, the industry of binary options has developed a lot. In the year 2008, when it all started, there were no more than 10 brokerage companies operating on the market, the evolution of technology and the increasing popularity of this practice has led to the emergence of a large number of such firms. At the moment, there are more than 400 brokers and additional companies providing dedicated services. For you, as a trader, this can be a double edged sword. On the one hand, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from. On the other hand, you are very likely to run into a scam, given the fact that part of these brokers are not worth your trust. Besides brokers, there are also other service providers, such as robots (automated systems that can trade on your behalf) or signal providers. A relevant example is FastCash Biz, a robot claiming to offer the best conditions for traders to get rich in the shortest possible time.

FastCash Biz – a controversial binary options robot

If you read a specialized FastCashBiz review, you will soon discover the robot is too good to be true. Created by two developers, Madison Clark and David Graham, the software is intended to help users understand the market, by showing them when they have the best chances to gain money, based on a complex algorithm. Financial information is transmitted in real time, so that traders stay up to date and never miss the opportunity of making the right decisions. In spite of the fact that this application creates huge expectations, you need to know that it cannot transform you into a millionaire overnight. Although it has been designed to make trading easier, this software cannot be as efficient as it claims. In addition to this, what has actually raised suspicions among both users and experts is the fact that it is completely free, hence the name. While other companies demand a minimum deposit or a significant fee from those who want to create an account, FastCash Biz gives you access to its services without any charge whatsoever. At least that is what you learn if you only give a look to its features and benefits. In reality, if you choose to trade using the robot, each time you win money you will have to give the company a share of the amount gained. This is completely normal, but the catch is: why is the company advertising its software as if it would be completely free?

How can you avoid a scam?

The first thing you need to do if you want to make sure your broker is legit is check their previous activity. Read review web sites and dedicated forums to find out about other traders’ experiences. Furthermore, you should also see if they have a license – CySEC regulations work as the perfect referral in the world of binary options. Of course, there are also legit brokers or robots that do not have that license, but that is the first clue that you are dealing with a reliable company.


Is FastCashBiz a reliable software?

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Many traders nowadays choose to invest their money with the help of a software, because they consider it a safer way of trading. Using a trading system has many benefits, because it allows people to get predictions on how the trend of the market will change, but they should keep in mind that the market is constantly changing and some of the predictions made by a software might not be very accurate. However, people should be aware, because there are many systems, which prove to be a scam, and in case they trade with their help, they might lose all their money. In this case, people should research for information about a certain software before working with it, because in this way they can find if it is reliable or not. For example, because many traders complaint that the FastCashBiz software might be a scam, professional platforms have analyze it and they can offer people a detailed FastCashBiz Review.

What you should know about FastCashBiz

From its review, people can find that David Graham and Madison Clark develop it, and it has the purpose to deliver traders accurate market feeds. According to these real time feeds, traders should be able to choose what option is more suitable for their investment. It states that the users will get rich overnight, and it allows them to increase their earnings, because they are able to analyze the data in the market. But traders should be realistic and know that such a thing is not realistic. In addition, if investors are trying to find more details about this software they will have a hard time, because they are not clearly stated. And in case they do not know how to use this type of software, they will not receive any guidance, because the procedure of using it is not explained as it should be. When looking at its website design professional traders can see that it does not have the look of a legit one, because it does not contain useful widgets.

Is FastCashBiz an unreliable software?

According to the review, this software is unreliable, because its developers are stating that users will earn a big amount of money in a short period by using it. The ones who do not know many details about this market, should understand that it is an online trading platform which allows people to predict if a price will go downward or backward during a specific time frame. So, a software has not the ability to predict accurate outcome, because this market is very volatile. This review platform considers that this FastCashBiz is not reliable because its website does not have a live chat option, and in case any user has difficulties on using it, he does not have the possibility to ask for help. A big suspicion of this software legitimacy is that it does not display its legitimacy, and the users have no access to any demos, which might show them how they should use the website. Many users complain about the quality of the services offered by FastCashBiz, so people should think twice before using it.