Innovations in the Agriculture Industry

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Gadgets

Agriculture is and will be of great importance to people because with this economy branch food supply is assured. However, as each day passes, the same questions arise. How can competitiveness be improved in an economic environment increasingly difficult, while ensuring a sustainable use of resources and the provision of ecosystem services? How can we contribute to food security? How to give rural people the means to stimulate and diversify their economy? Research and innovation can help to answer these questions. Let’s find out more about 2 of the most popular innovations in the agricultural industry.

Soil and crop sensors

Nowadays, there are more and more farms getting equipped with smart sensors that can measure and read everything in terms of water and health needs. The soil and crop sensors are useful because they can optimize water use and determine crop health. In addition, this technology can measure different features of the soil, such as organic matter content, ground elevation, ph and many more. The main area when sensors are used is in irrigation. These sensors besides reading everything related to water contents, can also determine the level of nitrogen found in the soil. The optical-sensing technology are designed to measure the correct amount of nitrogen that the soil needs by measuring the reflectance of light to the crop. Last but not least, the satellite or the remote sensing is another sensing system that offers many advantages. This innovative system uses satellites to shoot images of different agricultural areas to note if there are any differences in crop health. The main advantage of using this system is that you get more familiarized with the crop needs.

LED grow lights

LED grow lights are a form of technology used to provide plants and flowers enough light to grow in greenhouses and indoors. It is an alternative to high intensity discharge (HID) lighting and metal halide (MH) lighting, which often use up to 75 percent more power and produce more heat than LED grow lights.

If you study the market, you will see that most of these light systems are very cheap. The previously mentioned website offers expert reviews on different grow lamps in order to help customers find the most convenient led grow lights. Whether for commercial or non-commercial use, LED lamps generally offer energy savings and are easy to install. They can also be combined with solar and wind technologies to maximize savings on electricity bills. This may be the main reason why agricultural industries have decided to use this form of technology for their crops.  The main benefit of using LED grow lights is the ability to provide the high intensity light in interior spaces such as greenhouses. This light can extend the growing season in which plants grow in a greenhouse. The best led grow lights generate a full spectrum of light, yet their heat output is minimal. As such, grow lights are also useful for plants that do not require heat to develop.