Innovation in the kitchen – the latest inventions that make cooking easy and fun

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Family

The image of housewives bending over backwards in the kitchen with 3 or 4 pots on the cooker and an utter mess around them is out-dated, as today technology and innovation have made their way into the kitchen as well and there many tools and gadgets that the modern cook can use. These inventions make cooking not only easier, but also fun and they can be perfect kitchen gift ideas for your mom, your sister or your best friend, if she is into cooking. Finding such tools and gadgets is not hard either, as today you can virtually find and buy everything from the Internet and kitchen gadgets make no exception. A quick search over the web for cool kitchen gifts or tool will generate plenty or results for you to browse and get inspired.

One of the most dreadful cooking tasks is peeling vegetables, such as onions or garlic, or slicing vegetables in a neat looking way. But some smart folks thought about that and there are now these great peelers that help you peel garlic quicker and easier than ever. Plus, you hands won’t smell at all. The modern garlic peelers are one of the best innovations when it comes to cooking. The spiral slicer for vegetables follows closely, offering cooks a fun and easy way to slice semi soft vegetables and fruits into stunning spiral shapes. The slicer is perfect for making summer salads look more appealing or designing great looking fruit salad deserts. When cooking, whether just a salad or more complex dishes, the knives represent one of the most important tools and it is extremely annoying when they don’t cut properly. Taking your knives to a sharpening shop will resolve that problem, but that might take time and you would have to remember doing it regularly. However, another great innovation in the kitchen comes under the form of the home knife sharpener, with a suction base that will keep it in the perfect position for safe and easy use. It can also work with scissors and kitchen cutlery, so it can be one of the best kitchen gift ideas.


There are many, many such gadgets that make life in the kitchen a lot easier and plenty of fun, from herb infusers and bagel slicers to herb scissors and hamburger presses, all of which take kitchen innovation to a whole new level. The only thing you have to do is take your time and browse the Internet thoroughly to find the best kitchen gift ideas for your particular needs or taste. Anyway, these gadgets never get old, so whatever you don’t get now, you can just buy for the next occasion. Furthermore, many of these tools and gadgets can be personalised, which will add a unique touch to the gift.