iNexxus Explains What Digital Storytelling Is & Why You Should Use It

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Apps

Digital storytelling is an innovative form of digital media production, which involves the use of digital tools to tell a story – hence the name. This creative method has gained a lot of popularity in the past years, especially when it comes to digital marketing, and dedicated companies such as iNexxus use it as a creative advertising strategy. This is due to the fact that it combines the ancient art of oral storytelling with different forms of media files, such as pictures, video, animations, sound, music and text—combined with the narrative voice. Unlike traditional storytelling, the digital alternative allows the application of certain effects on the narrative voice (like amplifying or lowering it), in order to be more interactive and reach the viewer’s emotional side. Generally, the main idea in this type of marketing strategy is that by building emotion, one can draw attention to the element (idea, product, service, etc.) they are trying to highlight.

Why is digital storytelling more efficient than regular written content?

It has been proven that the human brain is designed to process images faster than written words, and this is probably the main reason why digital storytelling is much more efficient than traditional content. Statistics show that humans read and understand only about 28% of written information, while they can process about 80% of what they see. This means that people not only prefer to watch (and listen) to a short digital story instead of reading an article, but they are also more likely to select the most relevant pieces of information through this non-conformist method. It takes no longer than a couple of seconds to understand the data transmitted by an image, and this is exactly why digital storytelling is so efficient – the narration is wisely accompanied by relevant pictures and the listener can understand the message immediately. In addition to this, taking into consideration the huge development of mobile marketing and social media, a digital storytelling material is definitely much easier to promote. This type of media is likely to become viral in no time, due to its friendliness, relevance and empathy.

What should a successful visual story include?

Although the combination of image, sound and digital effects is already significantly more appealing than written content—because of its friendliness and originality, there are certain key elements any successful digital story has to include. A digital marketing agency such as iNexxus knows exactly what these elements are and can help you include them in your project. To begin with, the story has to be simple and concise – try a minimalist style and avoid using too many words, because the audience may become confused or bored and therefore lose interest. Memorable statistics and numbers also seem to be quite relevant, since they can generate impact – however, you have to make sure these are current and reliable. Besides these content related elements, remember to make the digital story as shareable as possible, in order to get a wider market reach.

Taking into consideration that the emotional side is exactly what makes this marketing method unique, you need to make sure that you identify the emotional triggers that will pull viewers towards your story. This way, you can build the entire digital media around these triggers.