Important things to consider when selecting an ecommerce fulfillment partner

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Internet

If you have chosen ecommerce, and your business is growing bigger every day, then perhaps it is time to consider working with a partner. Outsourcing your order fulfillment will enable you to expand your business and keep up with the market requirements, and thus benefit from a profit increase. Fulfillment companies offer excellent services, but not all of them are equally experienced of reliable, and this is why you need to choose with care. Surpassing your customers’ expectations is possible only with the support of the best ecommerce fulfillment partner, so here is what you should consider when choosing whom to do business with:


First, you will need to find out more about what technology solutions the supplier can offer you, because nowadays, technology is the cornerstone for any business’ success. You have to be certain that the company will provide you with the flexibility and visibility you need to run your business as efficiently as possible. Inform yourself about their order and warehouse management systems, before signing any contracts. All the requirements of your omnichannel strategy need to be met by your partner.


Most ecommerce fulfillment companies focus on specific types of businesses and industries, so you should know if the company’s operations suit the particular requirements of your business. In order to learn more on the topic, ask your potential partner about their current clients, and if they can scale to suit your particular needs. To make a safer decision, see if they can offer you some references from current or past clients.

Shipping flexibility

Depending on exactly the type of ecommerce retail business you are managing and on customer demand, flexibility is required, in terms of shipping options. You should pay attention to this detail, and find out if your prospective fulfillment partner can meet the current shipping demands of your customers. You need to provide your clientele with both international and domestic delivery possibilities. Your partner should offer you some low-cost shipping methods, while considering the size and distance factor. Discuss with the company about this aspect before choosing their services.


Communication is the key to any successful business relation, and the same goes for you and your ecommerce fulfillment partner. Perhaps there will be situations where you will need to cancel a customer’s order, or modify an address or contact detail, so make sure the company you work with responds quickly to your requests and is available via phone or email at all times. If you have to wait more than a few hours for the fulfillment center to responds, then they are probably not as reliable or professional as you would want.

Outsourcing your order fulfillment is a great sign, meaning your ecommerce business is growing and you need additional support. However, when choosing a partner, you need to pay attention to some details, in order to make a wise decision. Remember that the future success of your business might be depending on this detail, so before settling for an offer or another, think about the above mentioned aspects.