How to win at AdWords the right way

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Internet


Search marketers spend a lot of time analysing SEO algorithms and they constantly try to reverse ranking factors in the effort to increase organic rankings. The issue is that when it comes to search, there is not enough research, even though SEO is largely driven by an algorithm, namely Quality Score. This algorithm determines not only ad position, but also cost per click and numerous other factors. In short, Quality Score drive the success of the account. As long as you understand how Quality Score functions, you can keep ahead of the competition. The advice presented in this article will help you run a successful AdWords campaign. But if the matter seems too complicated for you to understand, you can consult an Adwords Hacks Infographic which simplifies the subject.

Understanding how Quality Score affects ad ranking

Quality Score is a broad term used by Google to establish the relevancy of both keywords and ads in the AdWords account, which is reported on a scale of 1-10. The reason why Google cares about the quality of the ads is that it is not in the interest of anyone to showcase irrelevant ads that do not appeal to users. When people click on your ads, Google gets paid, so the favour is mutual. Nonetheless, this binding does not necessarily result in a higher position. Having Quality Score is important due to the fact that it can lower your cost per action or even improve your rankings. A digital marketing agency such as SMBclix can tell you how to raise your score.

The features of a high Quality Score account

If you want to make sure that you as an advertiser are doing the right thing, then your account should have the following characteristics. The single most important factor is the click-through rate or the CTR, which should be higher than the average. An example of a decent click-through rate is 14.06 %. Generally speaking, branded keywords have a CTR of 50% or 70%. What is astonishing to note is that even with a 0% CTR, you can still receive a perfect quality score. In addition to competitive keywords, you have to carefully select long-tail keywords. Only 1% of your keywords should be one-word terms. It is also necessary to perform ongoing text optimization and to dedicate a lot of time to your account.

Trick you can use to generate leads

Like in any industry, you will have competitors. So, if the competition has highly-ranked ads, you should analyse their secrets. To get to know a little about your competitor, you can use a search analytics program. Take a good luck at the keyword performance of the competitors and see the estimated monthly clicks. To get the upper hand, you can target the same keyword or choose a slightly different set. Another thing you can do is make use of AdWords’ feature called in-market audiences, which lets you look beyond demographics. Basically, you will be able to target only users that have proven to be in the market for a specific product. Last but not least, you can optimize AdWords for mobile platforms. Focusing on mobile is important since it already has the upper hand.