How to protect your designs from being stolen or distributed without permission

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Design Registration secures your designs or intellectual property against unapproved use or encroachment of any sort and guarantees that the proprietor holds its entitlement to their design and rewards for their work. It is a viable way of protecting your intellectual property.

As present commercial market continues to develop and turn out to be more aggressive, the designs of various products have increased in focus, prompting the significance of design registration.

The presence of your site, logo, or items is of fundamental significance for the progress of your business.

Registration of a design for a full visual appearance of your product, or parts of it, for example, it’s shape and packages, or the surface design of products. Indeed, even logos are all available. An awesome design is a great resource. If you need to lead your competitors, you have to secure your design innovations.

Design protections are frequently neglected. Nonetheless, it is a ground-breaking tool to secure your designs from the overall industry and to keep contenders from duplicating your ideas.

In spite of the fact that you naturally get some unregistered protection, registering your design gives you more grounded rights.

One of the advantages of design protection is that on the off chance that another person is using a comparable design you don’t have to demonstrate that they replicated your design. You can prevent them from using it immediately and contact your intellectual property IP lawyers for legal actions; registration gives you a lawful permission over that design for up to 25 years.


An application form must be filed to register your design. This ought to incorporate a reasonable and finish depiction of the design so it gives outsiders new specialized data and can be comprehended by people with a lower understanding of the design being referred to.

Cases made in other nation ought to incorporate an address in that nation or that of a person holding the power of Trade Mark Attorney. Different formalities are regularly required, for example, the payment of certain fees or confirmation by a Trade Mark Attorney.

The application is then inspected by the required body in the nation concerned; the strategy used can contrast from one nation to the next. In the event that protection is without a doubt, a certificate is issued expressing that the proprietor’s restrictive rights exist from the date of registration. In situations where protection is denied the design owner ought to be given the privilege to state objective and appeal.


  • Recognizable proof of ownership of the given design
  • Depiction of the product to which the design right applies to
  • Photographic portrayal of the design

For people in Essex, it’s best to hire a Trade Mark Attorney in Essex to guide you with the legal process, in order to avoid mistakes that could be very costly to your design protection registrations and rights in the future.