How To Protect Your Company’s Goods From Theft

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Business

Losing your company’s goods could be a major hit against your business. While a one-off may not wreck the business, it is still important to take preventive measures against internal and external theft. As a business owner, you must keep the thieves and vandals at bay.

It may be difficult at first, putting some strain on your finances as you may have to pay for the latest technologies or rent one of the storage units near you but it will serve your company a great deal in the long run.

In a situation where your company is a victim of theft, and you fail to address the issue with an appropriate response in the form of guarding against another attack, chances are that there will be another strike. To avoid losing your company’s goods to theft, here’s what you have to do:

Preventing External Theft

As the name suggests, external theft refers to the theft of company goods by someone who doesn’t work with the company or isn’t related to the company. While it is easier for company staff to carry out theft on company assets (internal theft), the possibility of external theft through vandalism or other sources cannot be ruled out.

To prevent external theft, you may hire a security team that will watch over your company at all times. You do not necessarily have to go through the hiring process by yourself, as there are security firms that you can simply outsource the job to.

Another move is to install cameras in strategic positions at the interior and exterior parts of your company – especially the areas that house your most valuable goods/assets. An alarm system that triggers a police response in the event of a break-in will also be a great addition.

Finally, you can add a form of company tag to your goods, such that the goods look disfigured and it becomes obvious if these tags are removed. Not only will this discourage theft, but it will also make it harder for the thieves to sell the goods.

Preventing Internal Theft

The steps involved in preventing internal theft are pretty similar to the sane measures applied for external theft. However, there is the need to be slicker as employees of the company have a better idea of the company set up and may know how to get around some of the security measures that you put up.

Preventing internal theft begins right from the hiring stage. Make sure that you run a full background check on any potential employees before you hire them. Employees that will steal from you will probably have some sort of previous similar record of workplace theft, so you must make hiring decisions carefully. Additionally, random audits will keep employees on their toes, as they know that you are constantly watching them.

Finally, as suggested earlier, you may want to take a look at storage units near you to house your most valuable goods. It may cost less to hire security to watch over these, and you don’t have to worry so much about internal theft. Best of luck!