How to master your online audio ad

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Gadgets

Online audio ads are a great innovation that helps companies and businesses create powerful and impactful ads to reach a larger audience market. However, mixing and mastering an audio had is not such an easy thing to do, especially for companies that want greatly professional results and high quality of sound. Many resort to online mixing and mastering, because such services offer the perfect combination of quality and cost effectiveness, but if you want to know you can master your own audio ad online, you can find useful information below. It is important though to keep in mind that having a professional engineer master your audio is a wise investment, especially considering that this step is the last creative process in your audio ad production and it needs to turn out perfectly.

Audio ads and podcasts have a standard digital format, which is Motion Picture Experts Group Layer 3, commonly known as MP3. This type of files has different measures of quality, but as a marketer you need that audio quality that sounds excellent but also plays quickly. To that extent, it is important to consider the elements of your audio ad, in order to select the best type of file. For instance, if you ad consists of mostly voice, no background music or musical segments, then a mono file would be your best choice, reducing its size and allowing a faster download. However, if the audio relies heavily on music fragments, then you want an audio that sounds great on different stereo systems, which means you may need online mixing and mastering services. After you mix your ad, or have a specialist sound engineer mix it, listen to it on a variety of systems, from mobile phones and headphones to computer speakers and speakerphone. A high quality audio ad will translate well from one device to another. There are other aspects of audio mastering and mixing to take into account, from file conversion and applying filters to using surgical editing tools and so on. Many of these techniques may be way over your head, even if you have basic knowledge of how to master an online audio ad.


To that extent, the best thing to do when trying to create not just an ad, but a work of art, is to resort to online mixing and mastering services. Professional service providers will be able to offer you the right tools and processes through which your ad will achieve the commercial sound you want, as well as the proper formats for distribution. Whether your audio ad needs to have its dynamic range reduced or corrective processing applied, in order for the overall balance across the spectrum to be enhanced, mixing and mastering services can do that for you. The only thing you have to do is find an expert and experienced service to that effect.