How drones are used for the benefit of everyone     

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Gadgets

Drones were initially developed so as to be used in the army for surveillance purposes and for warfare. However, in time many people have realized that drones can be used in civil applications as well, such as firefighting and policing because they can be remotely controlled and feature high-resolution cameras. Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles as they are frequently called, are versatile owing to their capacity infiltrate in isolated areas and because they are designed to function for many hours at an end. At present, a Droner are more accessible than in the past because the components used for their manufacture are smaller and at the same time cheaper. Due to their affordability, they have started to be used for the good of all citizens

Scientific progress

Scientific research is the first to benefit from the advances visual technologies embedded in drones. Places such as the Amazon with its dense jungles and the freezing Arctic are difficult to examine because of the inhospitable terrain. For many years, geologists have been able to study natural phenomenon such as glacial systems thanks to the accurate photos provided by drones. These photos allow them to determine the areas covered by the glacier, as well as the current position of the glacier. UAVs are extremely useful because they can cover an extended area in no time and capture images of changing environments. As opposed to simple photography, drones provide images from different angles so that geologists are able to study landscapes more comprehensively.  What is more, the latest advancements in drone technology allow scientists to obtain 3D images, thus allowing them to see the Earth from a new perspective.

The cities of tomorrow

The connection between drones and construction is related to their ability of reaching inaccessible places. People have started to use drones in order to survey different locations and to provide 3D images that are necessary to make construction plans. It is widely known that drones provide much accurate pictures and data than classical machines and they are less expensive. There is no need for investing in large aircrafts in order to conduct survey work. The smaller the drone is the better. The 3D images give clients the possibility to have a clear picture of the project and possibly to make annotations.


Many farmers have resorted to the images provided by drones in order to get a better view of the crops. This way agriculture is more precise thanks to the high-resolution images provided by drones. Not only do they have performing cameras, but drones also feature a GPS system and a point-and-shoot camera. As opposed to other types of aircraft, UAVs are automated so that it is not necessary to manually guide them. The built-in software plans the flight path in order to get maximum coverage of the area. It is the cheaper alternative to satellite surveillance. Being able to see the crop from the air can expose issues as irrigation and soil variation. In addition, farmers are able to spot distresses plants.