How active magnetic bearing systems have changed the world

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Gadgets

After thirty years of research, active magnetic bearing systems (AMB) have been released on the market, practically revolutionizing many industries. These systems offer rotating machinery unique applications and have enabled many industries to develop considerably ever since they have become available to the wide public. Before AMBs, the entire rotor dynamics had a major problem: friction. However, with the help of this system, the spinning rotor is suspended and thus no friction is created, offering a revolutionizing solution to this old problem that caused so many inconveniences. Surely, several magnets will be needed to suspend a rotor successfully but still, the fact that this technology exists makes things so much easier compared to what they used to be in the past.

The best part about an active magnetic bearing is that it can be adjusted according to the technical requirements of each situation. Factors such as damping and stiffness are not fixed, making this product useful for several operations. In addition, any AMB has built-in software that will allow its user to hold control over it and use it as needed in any situation. The research for this product goes back to the 1900s, when scientists discovered how this technology could revolutionize many industries and what enormous potential it could have for levitated vehicles. The interest in this technology grew stronger over the years, as researchers were discovering more and more new information and they were getting closer to obtaining a finished product which could in fact do everything that was promised.


Although the active principle of this product is quite simple, it took a few years to get everything figured out completely and master the technique safely. Each active magnetic bearing has a gap sensor and a microprocessor, which measure the shifting of the rotor from its initial position and transmit the current to the electromagnet, which in turn creates the magnetic field necessary to keep the rotor in a hovering position. This technology has successfully allowed power engineering and many other industries to evolve significantly and thus help the entire world reach a new level of development. There are many aspects that go into this technology, but the fact that it has played such an important role in the overall development of many industries in today’s economy is something that should definitely be appreciated.


All in all active magnetic bearing systems have revolutionized the world and have helped many industries develop successfully in the past few years. These products are able to levitate products and avoid mechanical wear and even friction. There are many providers on the market that can offer people access to this technology, so those who are interested in something like this can rest assured that they will be able to find everything they need without any problems. In fact, there are professional websites where information can be found about AMB systems, allowing those who are interested to be fully informed on the matter and have a positive experience. They will definitely be able to obtain successful results if they decide to invest in such a product.