Holden Calais – an affordable luxurious car

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Family

Holden is an automobile brand produced by the Australian subsidiary of general Motors, Holden. In the beginning, the car was made as a single sedan body style, but in 1979 the company expanded and got to include a stationary wagon, while since 1984, Holden has started to manufacture as their top model the Holden Calais. The vehicle has developed a lot during its years of existence, and has grown into becoming a traditional luxurious model of the VY range, being frequently compared to the most popular cars made by reputable manufacturers. As far as the Holden brand is concerned, the Calais is considered above the Berlina, not only due to its design and functions, but also because it has managed to combine perfectly comfort and luxury with performance. The price of a new vehicle is worth it, but in case you are looking for a used Holden Calais, you are very likely to find something affordable on the market. More than 20 years ago, this amazing automobile with V6 engine became accessible to people all over the world in terms of price and the competitors of this brand are striving to create an affordable alternative to this locally made luxury.

A new generation of Holden Calais has been recently launched, and it seems that experts from Holden have taken time enough to perfect their methods, improve their products and create a genuine Australian luxury car, that the drivers will love. Normally, the vehicle comes in full options format, but since the buyers seem to be reluctant to paying a large price, in order to diminish costs, manufacturers have given up some facilities and equipment, like electric adjustment for the passenger seat. However, there are some options still available, such as satellite navigation. Regardless your price choice, you should know that the automobile is still equipped in an extremely aesthetic manner: it has full leather decorations (including the steering wheel), auto entry which does not require the use of a key, blind-spot and cross-traffic alert, and 18-inch alloy wheels, with lights adjustable to weather conditions and daytime rays.


As far as the interior of the car is concerned, designers and manufacturers seem to have done a great job: the vehicle has dual climate control; the driver can adjust their seat electronically, colour touchscreen, front and rear parking sensors which use semi-automatic parking technology. Taking into consideration all the features the car has, it is considered one of the best options available for this price, because other models belonging to famous brands will offer you cars with less facilities, while others will not have them available at all.