History of drones in photography

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in Computer Innovations

Innovation is very important in any business, regardless the field, in order to be different from your competitors and keep your customers pleased. Photography is also a competitive domain, and with the development of technology many amateur photographers are able to take good-looking pictures, however, this is not only about passion and hobby – if you want to transform it into your occupation, or even more, a business, you must study hard and invest a lot in performing equipment and techniques. Heliboss is one of the equipment suppliers that can be found on the market, and they offer various accessories, from lens to drones. Even if using drones is a relatively new method, used especially for weddings and events, few people know that they have been used in the industry for long time. Their history is strongly related to the American military activity, where they were used to explore new areas and supervise territories, but their popularity has grown due to civilian photographers and film makers, because they have speculated the creative angles and images they can create if the subjects are captured from above.

The use of drones in photography is a recent practice, but it has gained more and more popularity lately, so it may become a common method soon. Although photographers have been raising cameras into the air even since the camera was invented, this is not known by many. In 1858, Nadar (an early practitioner), rose his camera 260 feets above Paris in a balloon, while in 1860 James Wallace Black managed to take pictures of Boston from 2,000 feet height. They had to put a chemical solution to maintain the glass of the lens, developed the picture in the traditional manner and did not use a drone, but they represented the initial inspiration of those who introduced this accessory in the industry. Because these images looked like they were taken from another world, specialists thought about an easier manner to facilitate the job of photographers and enable them to capture some amazing shots, so they came up with electrical charged kits, pigeons and then aircrafts. All these creations amazed the public, which had no idea of the various perspectives that could be rendered by one picture. Furthermore, artists were fascinated by the incredible views, modernists have speculated the benefits of aerial photography and ascribed the images to the abstract art. Later on, the discovery of the bird’s-eye view brought another wave of popularity to drones and flying photography devices and specialists were delighted by the shadows from the pictures.


Nowadays, from the desire of standing out and offering unique services, photographers opt for this unusual method, even if they have to invest in buying further specialized equipment. You can comprar drones baratos for your business and you can be sure that the money paid are worth it. Due to the evolution of digital industry, performing devices are available in stores and are used by wedding photographers, and even by paparazzi trying to sneak a peek into celebrities’ lives, without them noticing.