Guide on recycling scrap metal  

Written by Bruce Hughes on . Posted in House

Many people chose not to recycle metal, because they do not know what steps are implied in this process, what they can recycle and what happens with the metal if they do not recycle it. They should know that it is easier to recycle it, because it can be processed at many scrap metal centres. The fact is that metal can be reused repeatedly, because it is not changing its basic properties in the process. By recycling not only metal, but all the other materials that can be reused, people reduce the energy consumption, protect the environment, and reduce the waste from landfills. If they do not know what the process of recycling scrap metal Scarborough implies, and what types of metals they can bring to a scrap metal centre, then they will find the needed information below.

Steps to recycle

The process of recycling implies more steps, and the first one is to collect the materials. Many communities offer people the opportunity to bring the products in a place from where they are collected, others offer curbside pickup of metal. The next step is to sort the metals, and this can be done by the owner, or by the employees at the centre. In large metropolitan areas, this process is done by a material recovery facility. After sorting them, the centre takes care to transport the materials directly to the manufacturers, or to melt them in order to sell them like individual products. For example, the aluminium cans are melted and the molten liquid is shaped into ingots and transported to manufacturers. Once arrived there the material is reprocessed and used, as it would be virgin one. Sometimes, the recycled material is mixed with virgin one before being reused to produce a new item.  Metal is usually made into its original product, and this offers the opportunity to recycle it endlessly. The final step in this process depends on people, because they have to buy products made from recycled metal in order to close the loop.

What types of metal can be recycled

Sometimes people refuse to recycle, because they do not know what type of metal they can bring to a centre. They have to know that everything that is made from iron to steel alloys can be recycled, because it can be melted and reused at manufacturing new products. Homeowners can recycle food containers, steel cans, and old appliances that might contain steel in form of frame. They can also recycle copper, which is used for electrical wires, plumbing pipes, building materials and jewelry. Copper has the ability to retain its value, and this makes it perfect for being reused. They also have the possibility to recycle aluminium, because in this way they reduce the energy consumption with 95%. If people have doubts if to recycle aluminum or not, they should know that they could save enough energy to power a house for more than 10 years, if there is recycled one ton of this material. A material that is not so well known in the process of recycling is lead, which is found in scientific equipment, car batteries and building materials. If they choose to throw it away in landfills, they should know that it finds its way into the groundwater supplies and it harms the ecosystem and fish.