Gadgets Taking Over the World of Sports

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During the last years many gadgets revolutionized the world of sports. They just opened a multitude of possibilities that allow you to enjoy your favorite sports better, longer and at a higher intensity. Some of the gadgets that we have chosen to present to you are suitable only for a particular sport, others have a broader use.

1. Golf Rangefinder

The Golf Rangefinder is a device that helps you calculate the distance from the point where you’re standing when you use the device to a certain point in the environment that you are looking at. It is a very useful tool for golf lovers, especially for beginners because it helps them choose the right golf club for each shot. However, there is a wide variety of golf rangers on the market, so we advise you to read some golf rangefinder reviews in order to find the one which best suits your needs. Golf rangefinder reviews can also help you better understand the particular features of each gadget, a difficult task for a beginner golfer.

2. Camera Demon Helmet Camera Mount

If you like to do a sport that requires safety helmet then you can record anything that happens to you when you are wearing that helmet. There is a very secure attachable camera mount that sticks on your helmet and allows you to record anything you do from almost exactly your point of view. It would be the best if you mounted it in the middle of the helmet in order to achieve a centered view.

3. Breffo Adventure Camera Kit

If you like a sport that doesn’t require a safety helmet, then you can still record your beautiful moments with a camera. This little camera stand is very versatile since it ties itself to almost any object no matter its shape. This is a camera best suited for windsurfing, cycling or skiing. It has eight steady legs and you can wrap them around any support in order to tightly hold the camera.

4. Fit Kit Sport Case: Quirky’s Sport Gadget

If you like to listen to music while you exercise then this is a gadget that would fit amazingly to your lifestyle. It allows your hand to remain free while having with you all these objects: your keys, money, phone and bank cards.

5. Aquapac Waterproof Small Camera Case

If you like to swim then you must be aware that some gadgets nowadays allow you to take underwater pictures. If you have a pool in your backyard then this item is necessary for you. This kind of camera case fits most of the small cameras. If you own a big DSLR camera then you should probably invest in a more sophisticated waterproof camera case.

6. Withings WiFi Body Scale

This amazing body scale is great for body builders, as they need to maintain their body fat percentage to a minimum in order for the muscles to be better highlighted. However, these smart body scales are also great for common people who simply want to lose weight. There are many body fat analyzers to choose from, but according to the site, the Withings WiFi Body scale is one of the best value options. This device measures your body’s fat percentage and it sends the results to your smartphone, along with other useful data, so that you can actually see your progress.

Innovative wedding decoration ideas

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Weddings are one of the most important occasions in one’s life. It is a rare event when you get to gather all your dear ones and receive their blessings and you prepare for a lifetime of happiness together with your chosen one. To mark this special occasion when you get to exchange vows with your partner and gather together everyone you love, people try to make their weddings as beautiful and meaningful as possible. In general, people spend a lot of energy to plan their weddings. Everything from the wedding outfits to the food and décor needs to be perfect to ensure everyone will be left with beautiful memories. Beautiful flower bouquets, marquee letters, lighting canopies, delicate bird cages, royal style chairs, grand chandeliers and cotton roof overlays are just a few popular choices when it comes to wedding décor. It is important to have a focus point and most of the time it is established depending on the theme of the wedding and the theme of a wedding is usually romantic, because it helps creating the right atmosphere.

Everyone wishes for a fairytale like wedding and the best way to achieve this endeavor is paying attention to every detail when it comes to decorating your wedding hall. You can transform a dull wedding hall into a beautiful and fascinated ballroom with the right accessories. The trick is to never exaggerate with the decorations. The minimalist look in home décor has been transmitted to wedding decorations as well. Contrary to expectations, the wedding halls do not look less grand and romantic without the agglomeration of decorations we were used to. Less is better, as long as you have a central piece of decoration that holds everything else together. For instance a large chandelier or a vintage style dance floor with beautiful illumination could do the trick. If you insist on combining grand lighting plays with huge flower arrangements and cotton overlays, you will not obtain the desired result. By exaggerating with your wedding decorations, everything will seem tacky, not to mention that it will become confusing without a central focus point.


The latest trend in wedding planning is the vintage look. Outdoors weddings with fairy-light canopies and marquee letters to welcome the guests are one of the most popular wedding décor choices grooms make. It all depends of course on the taste and expectations of the grooms, but the style of a wedding will always revolve around of the idea of love and idyllic atmosphere. Just the way some fashion styles will never grow old, some decoration ideas will never cease to be popular. It all comes down to the fact that weddings will always need a romantic atmosphere and the concept of “romantic” will always come down to diaphanous decorations. This is why vintage style weddings will always be popular. Another great wedding idea would be reproducing the wedding from a famous old movie. There are couples that wish to show their love for various epochs by making the theme of the wedding revolve around the most popular concepts of that time.

The right chair for your office

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Having a desk job is appealing to many individuals and today most people work in front of a computer. Sitting on a chair for 8 hours straight or even more is not comfort, as many would say, but rather very strenuous for one’s back, which is why it is very important for every person with a desk job to find the right chair for them. Not all people have the same body constitution and the same back arching, but there are numerous and various types of Ottawa office chairs, so with a thorough research anyone will be able to find the perfect one for their back. The first thing you need to start with is read some literature on ergonomic chairs and how they can help your back or on what chairs are good for which type of body. Believe it or not, there is plenty of information on this topic available on the web, as many people have faced real back pain issues connected with them sitting on a chair, at a desk for hours.

After you’ve made an idea on what the right office chair for you would be, the next step is finding the right store to buy it from. As everybody knows, online products are cheaper than items in regular, brick and mortar stores, so you should begin your search online. If you are not completely sure about the type of chair to purchase, you can go to a couple of regular office furniture stores and actually try them on, sit on them and see how they feel against your back. However, once you’ve made your decision, you should really look for Ottawa office chairs online, as you will definitely find better deals. It is important to find a reliable and highly professional platform, in order to make sure that what you see is what you get, so when you are perusing for office furniture on different web stores, make sure you check out their return policy or exchange terms, in case you are not happy with the product that lands on your door steps. It’s always good to have a way out of any purchase.


Another factor to consider is the aspect of the chair. While this issue is not as important as your back health or your comfort, it is still good to have a great looking office chair that goes with the other pieces of furniture in your office. After all, it can’t be that difficult to find a chair that is comfortable and good for your back, but also suitable for your office as far as decor and design are concerned. The bottom line is to make an informed purchasing decision, to know exactly what kind of chair you need and to take your time until you find the most appropriate store to buy it from. There are many online stores that sell Ottawa office chairs and furniture, so you won’t be lacking in options.



Multimedia accessories for smartphones – unlimited possibilities

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We live in an era where everybody or almost everybody owns a smartphone, but when you buy this type of mobile phone, you don’t simply buy the phone, but also a myriad of other things, accessories that make the smartphone a better gadget, from headphones and speaker docks to all types of chargers, so that they can charge the phone while in the car or anywhere else. The world of smartphone accessories is a world of unlimited possibilities and the more science and technology advance, the more options consumers have. Consequently, the accessories market has risen as a separate market from the smartphones one and there are numerous providers operating within this singular field, although most of them operate on both markets, selling both smartphones and accessories, a good example being, an online store that addresses consumers in both markets. It is important for buyers to find a reliable provider to buy their accessories, especially chargers and headphones, as low quality products may damage a high quality or expensive mobile phone.

Smartphone owners should pay special attention to SD memory cards because these can also damage their phone and determine loss of data if they are compromised or have any type of viruses. The memory cards are available in various capacities and many consumers buy them in order to enjoy a larger memory space for various applications or even games. Many smartphone owners use their mobiles to play different games, but a game can occupy a lot of space, especially a multi-player game or something of the sort, which is why SD memory cards are high in demand. Adapters represent another category of accessories that is high in demand, firstly because they come very in handy when traveling and secondly because tech lovers usually have more than just a smartphone, they also own a tablet, a laptop and such devices can be connected between them. Cables enable consumers to transfer music, photos and applications, as some smartphone don’t allow such transfers through Bluetooth or any other way. The great advantage of such multimedia devices is that while data is being transferred, your smartphone charges from the laptop.

Whatever type of accessory you are looking for or need for your smartphone, there is a large market available, especially online, so there are plenty of alternatives. A thorough research will help you find the best suitable provider for your needs, whether in terms of quality or in terms of price. Nevertheless, since you are dealing with an online vendor, you should also look for reliability and security of transactions, which can be easily verified by checking the payment methods provided by the website or the terms and conditions of sale. The bottom line is that technology has become an imperative in most of our lives and there are very few people in today’s society that do not own at least on gadget, be that a smartphone, a laptop or a tablet, not to mention the wide variety of multimedia devices, like smart TVs and so on.


Useful Gadgets to Have in Your Car

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Some people love their car more than they love their pets! They have a great pleasure to invest serious money in accessories for their car such as in-car microwave, backseat TVs, personal pocket locator, cup heaters, sticky dash pads, and radar detectors.

Sticky dash pads

These sticky dash pads are very useful to have them not only in your car but in your house too – in your bathroom, kitchen or lobby! They firmly secure your personal objects such as your phone, your memory stick or your audio player remote control. They are non-magnetic, temperature resistant and they work the best when they are clean. You can wash them how many times you want and you can find them at a bargain price, only $3 a piece!

Personal pocket locator/tracker

This device may look small but it’s very useful. It provides your current position and the distance to the destination. It gets synchronized by satellite, it has a built-in lithium-ion battery and many reviews said that although it takes several minutes to sync up, it’s still useful. It costs around $30 and it can be ordered on Amazon with free shipping included.

Cup heaters

If you spend a lot of time driving in your car you should consider buying this kind of device. It will keep your coffee warm for the whole day.

Backseat TV

You can install a backseat TV in your car using the Audiovox Sirius tuner. In order to be able to enjoy your backseat TV you’ll need a subscription, a TV tuner mounted in your car and a video display.

Radar detectors

If you have a passion for speed then a radar detector is always a useful device that you could keep it running every time you want to drive. In order to get the best deal you should check the best radar detector reviews site. In order to be considered the best radar detector reviews site, a website must feature detailed reviews that can help you compare various radar models.

In-car Microwave

This gadget will allow you to prepare hot meals right in your car. Do you want to reheat the cheeseburger a little bit? No problem! If you’re craving for some freshly made popcorn then you can pop it ride away. Be prepared to go to movies all the time. Get an in-car microwave and a backseat TV and your spacious limousine will be ready for endless parties.

The most popular Candy Crush cheat

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Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular computer and smartphone games of the moment. There are very few people who can say they have not played at least once this incredible game or they have not seen their friends playing it. The reason why this game is so popular and has maintained its popularity over the years is because it has a very simple concept and yet manages to challenge players every time they access it. To this extent, many people are looking for various cheats to help them pass levels faster and easier. Even though so far, one cannot say that there are too many cheats available, you can still find on specialized websites a few tips and tricks that can help you get further into the game and compete with your friends. Probably the most popular Candy Crush cheat is the one that helps you receive unlimited lives. All those who have played this game understand that most of the times five lives are just not enough to pass certain levels, especially if you are a perfectionist who wants to receive 3 starts every time.

This is why forums that specialize in offering readers cheats for Candy Crush Saga, have looked for a way of giving them access to an unlimited number of lives every time they decide to play this game. Even if a few months ago this seemed almost impossible, players do not have to limit themselves to only 5 lives if they do not wish to do so. All they have to do is change a few setting of their phone, mainly in their date and time section, and they will be able to trick the timer on their lives in Candy Crush. Even those who are against cheats of any kind will have to admit that this trick can be very useful sometimes. Everybody has been in the situation of having to wait for something or for someone and not have anything to do. This is when this Candy Crush cheat can come in handy, as you will be able to play your favorite game for as long as you need, without being limited to the 5 lives normally offered by the game makers.

This is one of the most popular cheats among the fans of this game, but dedicated forums offer them advice on how to pass certain levels they have difficulties with as well as information about every new feature of the game. Whether you have just began to play this game or you are an advanced player, competing with your friends on Facebook over scores and levels, it is always good to know that you can go back to retry levels and obtain a higher score, without worrying about wasting lives. Players will certainly not be disappointed about this cheat and will find it very useful in those moments when they want to play as much of this game as possible, without running out of lives.

Foaster iPhone Charging Toaster

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Nowadays, people are always on the phone, trying to resolve different urging matters that cannot be delayed. So, we basically drain out the battery of our phones, and with today’s smartphones, their batteries do not last long, an average of 24 hours. Therefore, we resort to charging our batteries in the most uncanny and unexpected places, such as in bars, clubs, and mainly in every room or place where we can find an available socket.

The kitchen is one of the places where we spent a good part of our time doing activities such as eating, preparing meals, washing the dishes, etc. And so, it is obvious that at some point during the day or night we are going to charge our phone in the kitchen. We usually charge it using a standard phone dock. But the usual dock does not save your phone from water, food and other things that may affect its performance. Liquids in general are getting spilled over all the time in the kitchen, food falls off your plate, and more other of these kinds of accidents. So what can you do to protect your phone against these threats? We have for you one of the latest tech news that will improve your lifestyle in a number of ways, from helping you charge your phone, to cooking your breakfast.

The standard iPhone dock does not even allow you to use your phone case while charging your smartphone. But brighter days have come: the Foaster iPhone Charging Toaster is the ideal dock to charge you phone while in the kitchen. It is more than a good-looking, state-of-the-art charging gadget for your iPhone; it also fights against the messy cord clutter that is made from charging more that one phone on your kitchen counter. It protects your phone from liquids and food, and it does not occupy too much space either.

Maybe the most interesting and fun device for charging your phone, the Foaster iPhone Charging Toaster is actually a dual charger that not only does it allow to charge 2 iPhones at once, but also syncs them if needed. Even though it has 3 foot long cables, its design allows all cords to be stored inside it, leaving out only enough cord to reach the nearest outlet.

Foaster iPhone Charging Toaster fits perfectly into your kitchen, after all, it looks just like a toaster! The latest charging gadget is compatible with  iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. If you are one of the first 300 people to pledge towards this project, you can purchase one such device, in the color you want for $79 (with $10 less the anticipated retail price). These were the latest tech news, we hope you found them useful and will come back for more informative articles on all gadget and technology news.

Review for StartsWith App

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StartsWith app is the latest universal app compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad created by New Horizon Media. It is a word-building game that keeps your interest along the way! Its updated version, StartsWith 1.4, was released on August the 26th 2013.

This application runs on iOS 5.0 or later, being optimized for iPhone 5. StartsWith app actually starts with the story of how the library of Alexandria has burnt. Consequently, thousands of books, manuscripts and scrolls have been lost. It is known that the Royal Library of Alexandria, or Ancient Library of Alexandria was one of the largest and most complex libraries of the ancient world. It was located (obviously) in Alexandria, Egypt.

So, what is your role in the game? Well, if you are ready to feel a bit like Indiana Jones, only a little nerdier and less adventurous, you should go on Apple’s website and download the app, because it is definitely something you would enjoy! You will help save the words in the dictionary of English language, one of the books that suffered damage during the fire. Thus, your task is to complete the dictionary by guessing the words missing. You are provided with the meaning of the word, its dictionary definition and for the second clue, as you may have expected from the name of the game, you are offered the first letter of the word that needs to be guessed.

To be honest, the StartsWith app gave us a bit of a headache. So children, do not try this at home, or anywhere you can bring this game with you, or… try it, but at your own risk! Leaving the jokes aside, this game is really not for children who have just started to learn the English language. It is (or can be) quite difficult even for adults who possess average English language skills, even when played at the Easy level. This fact may limit the public, though the actual targeted public will definitely enjoy all the little traps and intricacies that may arise while playing it.

Although if it gets a little hard even for those who do possess the required language skills, you can use hints for every clue. These will offer you the next letter of the word you are trying to guess. However, do not get too comfortable with these hints because your score will be reduced at the end, when the word is guessed. Sounds are played will typing to help you know if you are on the right track or not. The more points you gain, the more levels you will be able to play. First level of the StartsWith app is Zameen (Earth) and the hardest level that you will play to is Aacharya (Teacher or Master). Apart from the name of the levels and the background music, which we find quite confusing and uncanny for a game that is in English and about the English dictionary, thus overall centered around the English language and because of the setting of the game, too (Alexandria, Egypt). However, its developers have Indian connections, so that must be the answer to our surprise.

To conclude with, the game is very fun and ideal for people who want to improve their vocabulary. StartsWith app is available for free in a Lite variant, or for the price of $0.99 in a full version. Our recommendation is to but the full game as it features 30,000 words and four levels while the free version has fewer words and it begins to repeat them very quickly. If you’re interested in finding similar apps, check out, and you will get all the reviews you need to stay in touch with mobile innovations that make our lives easier and a lot funner.